Salesian University Hosts Religion Today Film Festival

For the first time, the Salesian University Rome (UPS) Social Communication’s Faculty (FSC) has teamed up to host Religion Today Film Festival in Rome. The RT-FSC festival collaboration started in December 2006. Last year, a controversial film by Iranian director Nader Talebzadeh entitled Jesus the Spirit of God, had its world premiere at FSC (8 Oct 2007).

“We consider it our privilege to host RT festival in our faculty as we are interested in Cinema, Religion and Peace. Besides we have about 200 students from 35 countries,” said FSC dean Dr Franco Lever. Indian professor Dr Peter Gonsalves at FSC is the Executive Coordinator of the RT-FSC festival.


The festival at FSC is scheduled to be held 24-26 October with two morning sessions for students from the Communications faculties of Roman universities who will watch films and interact with film directors. There will also be three afternoon screenings and panel discussions with cine personalities and religious reps.


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One response to “Salesian University Hosts Religion Today Film Festival

  1. Joseph Pulinthanath sdb

    This is indeed an exciting news that such an event is being organized by the Communication faculty of UPS. Just want to congratulate you for this very innovative and relevant initiative. I am sure it will go a long way in opening up new avenues for creativity among students and also in fostering inter-religious peace and dialogue. From our own little experience in filmmaking, we have found that it is a wonderful means for capturing the heart of a tribe/community – an effective groundwork for evangelization.
    With all good wishes and prayers for the success of the festival,

    Joseph Pulinthanath sdb
    (Guwahati Province, India)

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