Anti-Christian Violence Spreads to 12 States

24 August – 4 October 2008

ORISSA: 14 (of 30) Districts affected,  300 Villages damaged, 4,400 Houses burnt, 50,000 Homeless, 59 People killed including at least 2 pastors, 10 Priests/Pastors/Nuns injured, 18,000 Men, women, children injured, 2 Women gang-raped, 151 Churches destroyed, but attacks continuing and 13 Schools, colleges damaged.
BIHAR: 1 Church damaged
CHHATTISGARH: 4 Nuns assaulted
JHARKHAND: 1 Church attacked and attempted ‘reconversion’ of Christians
KARNATAKA:  4 (of 29) Districts affected, 22 Churches damaged or destroyed, still attacks continues, 20 Nuns, women injured by police
KERALA: 4 Churches damaged
MADHYA PRADESH: 4 Churches damaged and 4 schools vandalized
NEW DELHI: 2 Churches damaged and 4 attempts made
PUNJAB: 3 Christians harassed and imprisoned by police on false charges
TAMIL NADU: 4 Churches damaged
UTTAR PRADESH: 3 Pastors and a pastor’s wife beaten
UTTARAKHAND: 2 Christians murdered (priest and employee)


Released by Madhu Chandra, Regional Secretary, All India Christian Council New Delhi, www.aiccindia.

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