Countering Fascist Forces: Defending the Idea of India

The two day National Convention on Countering Fascist Forces: Defending the Idea of India concluded 26 October. About 750 activists from 18 states and 90 NGOs attended the convention and resolved to fight the fascist forces who have attacked on the idea of India which was invented by Mahatma Gandhi, explored by Jawaharlal Nehru and redefined by Dr. B. R. Amdebkar.

Prominent among those who spoke at the convention include: Abhay Sukhla, Achin Vanaik, Amit Sengupta, Ani Choudhary, Apporvanand, Colin Gonsalves, Deepak Bundele, Digant Oza, Dr. Sandeep Pandey, Dr. Sayeda Hamid, Harsh Dobha, Iftikhar Gilani, Jaya Mehta, John Dayal, Justice A.M. Ahmadi, Kamala Bhasin, Kavita Srivastava, Kerala, Ksitij Urs, Kuldip Nayar, Manisha Sethi, Manoj Sharma, Pooja Patel, Poorprekha Joshi, Prasant Bhushan, Prof KN Panikkar, Prof Mushir Ul Hasan, Prof Upendra Buxi, Prof Rooprekha Verma, Satya Sivaraman, Sanjay Sharma, Shabnam Hashmi, Subhash Gatade, Sumshot, Suresh Khairnar, Swami Agnivesh, Tanika Sarkar, Vineet Tiwari, Yogi Sikand, Yusuf Shaikh, Safar Agha.

The delegates and participants resolved as follows to:

  1. Call for resignation of Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India for his abject failure to prevent bomb attacks in major India cities; take action against Hindutva terrorist despite evidence provided to him by civil society groups; stop the Sangh Parivar’s attacks on Christian populations in Orissa, Karnataka and other parts of India; and for using face police encounters and false evidence against Muslim youth to save his political career;

  1. Call for dismissal of M.K. Narayan, National Security Adviser for incompetence and all the intelligence lapses leading to rise in to both terrorist and communal violence;

  1. Demand prosecution of all members of the Bharatiya Janata Party and ABVP who have links with Hindutva terrorist organizations, such as the ones implicated in the Malegaon bomb blasts.

  1. Condemn the UPA government for falling prey to the Hindutva agenda while paying lip service to secularism.

  1. Demand the setting up of a time-bound judicial inquiry into the Jamia Nagar ‘encounter’ headed by sitting judge of the Supreme Court.

  1. Review major cases of ‘terrorist’ attacks and immediately release those against whom there is no evidence of any kind; implementation of NHRC instruction regarding independent investigation into all deaths in police custody and in police encounters over the last 5 years;

  1. Call for a ban on RSS, The Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad for terrorist, anti national activities and seizure of their national and international assets; a White paper on terrorist activities of these organizations;

  1. Demand the presentation of a White Paper on the scope of India ’s “war on terrorism” and the level of its cooperation and collaboration with US-led war n terror;

  1. Enact the Communal Violence Bill after through revision in consultation with citizen’s bodies, human rights groups and anti-communal organizations across India;

  1. Provide immediate relief and compensation to the victims of communal terrorism in Orissa and other states including reconstruction of destroyed private property and restoration of livelihood. Set up a permanent statutory body to deal with such issues in future.

  1. Demand the formation of a strong statutory body like election commission (or extend the scope of the EC) to monitor pre-election conduct of political parties and their leaders which generally leads up to polarization of vote banks. Such a body should have right to disqualify party and/or its functionaries or elected representatives in the legislature in the wake of a breach of conduct;

  1. The immediate release of Human Rights Defenders, such as Dr. Binayak Sen, who have been arrested for exposing police atrocities and state violence against innocent citizens.

  1. Demand a White Paper on misuse of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Kashmir and the Indian North-East and the immediate withdrawal; search for a political rather than military solution to the Kashmir problem;

  1. A National commission of inquiry into the misuse of special security laws by the police to arrest members of the minority community in false cases of terrorism. END

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