Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity ?

Book CoverMarking 20th anniversary of its foundation the Faculty of the Sciences of Communication is organizing a conference by Dr Gezim Alpion on his book

Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity at the Salesian Pontifical University Rome.

The conference scheduled for Thursday 20th November will be in English with Italian translation. Open to all, the programme will start at 4.30 pm and will conclude at 6.45 pm.


Mother Teresa of Calcutta was undoubtedly one of the great personalities of the twentieth century. The author explores her significance to the mass media, to celebrity culture, to the church and to various political and national groups.


Albanian born Gëzim Alpion currently director of Research Postgraduate Studies, Department of Sociology (Birmingham University) received a PhD from the University of Durham, UK, in 1997. His works include Vouchers (2001), Foreigner Complex (2002), If Only the Dead Could Listen (2006), and Encounters with Civilizations (2008).

Transport from:
TERMINI take bus 90 Express or from Centre bus 80 Express.




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3 responses to “Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity ?

  1. Gaston Roberge

    Congratulations on this marvelous initiative. We need to hear about Mother Teresa, especially by an academic like Dr. Alpion.
    Best wishes.
    Gaston Roberge

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  3. A much needful initiative!
    In a materialistic world of the present times, one must “not” be quietly working for the benefit of Humanity and Future. To be externally successful, One must be like Mother Teresa, an all-time celebrity or else you just become an all-time struggler like me. But then it’s a personal choice to-be or not-to-be ‘saintly’ or ‘celebrated’. Some people choose to be quietly serving and some choose to make a show about it. Congratulations Dr Gezim Alpion.

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