Mira Bhupathi’s Confession

Mira Bhupathi

I was born as a Christian, but a “sleeping” one, who had no time for church or even a Bible study. I spent years of my life being totally worldly and a man pleaser. I went to the lord only when I needed something. Most often I got what I wanted, but soon afterwards I forgot my blessings. I went to college and met with a Hindu boy married him and from then on my religion was forgotten, till one day doctor told me that I could not have a child due to several complications. I immediately started praying desperately and a while later miraculously my son Mahesh was born. After that God blessed my husband and me with Kavita, our beautiful daughter.

I know that when doctors say something is impossible, our Heavenly Father still says, “All things are possible”. After my children grew up we returned to India after spending 15 years in the Gulf. I felt a voice speaking to me, telling me to witness to the world that Mahesh is the Lord’s child. The voice was very clear, but I didn’t want to hear nor obey it. So the Lord had to force on me. He allowed me to feel very lonely and unwanted. One day, after a family feud, I ran out of our house in sheer frustration to kill myself. I was driving my car with the only intention of having a head on collision with a bus or truck. Little did I realize that the Lord had different plans for me.

Suddenly I realized that the steering of my car had turned in my hands and the next thing I knew was that I was parked outside of my church (which I had started attending weekly). I was crying bitterly. Suddenly I heard a knock on my car window and it was a lady who convinced me to come tot her home. I believe that she was an angel from the Lord sent to rescue me in my pain.

She ministered to me and prayed with me. That night she invited me to stay in her home, which I did. Since I was so hurt, I didn’t want to go home. It was that same night that the realization dawned on me that it was my Lord Jesus who had rescued me from death. I committed my life completely to Him and promised my Lord that from that day I would belong to Him.

The next day I went back home and was lovingly greeted y my family who were very worried about me. I realized that it was only the Lord’s intense love for me that had protected me. That was the day that my whole life changed.

I began testifying in the Churches about what the Lord had done for me. This was in March 1997. Although up until that time, my son had been only a national tennis player, on June of that same year Mahesh brought the first international Grand Slam title to India (our country of one billion people). This victory was won on Mahesh 23rd birthday.

From that day until now the fire of the Lord had been burning in me, and a tremendous passion for souls had been kindled in my heart. Since the Lord knows my heart and how much I love Him, He has begun to use me more and more. Already in five countries He has used me to share the Gospel. He had used me in every denominational church in India to challenge the biggest doctors, engineers, business people and even pastors and bishops.

The Lord has lifted me up from being just a very shy housewife to become a successful and confident evangelist for Him. The Lord is using me where no pastor or bishop can reach. As the celebrity mother of Mahesh Bhupathi, I have access to the highest officials in India. I have already been blessed to be able to give the Gospel to two chief ministers as well as to actors and to people in high positions. Mahesh is the only sportsman in India to bring 10 Grand Slam titles to our country, only because of the Lord’s grace and blessing. Today he is a born again baptized believer.

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand.

I am also very blessed to be associated with ADHONEP (The international association of Full Gospel Businessmen). I am really touched that ADHONEP has such a great burden for India. I am sure that the Lord will do great thing for them in return.

The Lord has blessed us with so much fame, name and position, that I feel I need to give Him in return as a family. Ever since I came to the Lord, He has blessed my children so much.

Right now I know that I am someone who loves the Lord so much that I can give up my life for Him. I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me, but now with God’s grace, that number has increases since the Lord has helped me to be an instrument in the salvation of thousands. Praise Jesus! “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” (Eph 3:20).

Now when we pray I am blessed that so many deliverances take place and even cancers are healed. The Lord is really honoring me. It is four years since I consulted a doctor regarding any serious illness. I believe that the Lord always keeps His word. As I “seek the kingdom first” in my life, in return I am greatly blessed (Matthew 6:33).

The whole world may let us down, but our Lord Jesus will never ever let us down. This is my personal testimony. Not once in these past 10 years has the Lord Jesus ever turned His back on me. He has only lifted me higher and higher.



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  1. Antony

    A very moving story! Never knew that Mahesh Bhupathy and his mother were Christians. The witness of Mahesh’s mother is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it thro’ your Blog.

  2. Janne Peterson

    I am the editor of the Good Report (Australian Christian magazine – not for profit). I seek permission to publish ‘Mira Bhupathi’s confession’. I would also like photos of Mira Bhupathi and her family.

    Kind regards,
    Janne Peterson

    • Dr Roy Chowdhury

      13 peopel have taken time to express their displeasure to an editor who makes a simple query. This is the height of intolerance…

  3. Rohini

    So inspiring! I too have a great passion for souls. Praise the Lord!

  4. Diana

    its great to read your testimony. I never knew Mahesh Bhupathi was a Christian. It is so nice to read that he is a born again Christian. He should use his status to help the youth out here. God will use his name to deliver the youth. There are plenty of Christian youth groups in Bangalore that he can chose from. please do let me know if I can help in any way.

  5. hemant

    stop lying..the LORD is watching u!

  6. George

    what does she mean when she says “My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods.”

    They were peaceful people before your clan entered and now you’ve played a havoc in that country. Look at your child which has grown up to be a monster called “Maoists”.

  7. Anand

    I never believed that this lady would talk like an ignoramous and could fool around with her stone studded lies.It is very clear she was tutored by missionaires to talk utter lies to trap innocent victims with her stupid experience with Lord.What a stupid knowledge she is revealing about 33 millions Gods and her plan for India as if she was send as a messenger directly from heaven.Stop this nonsense.mahesh is not a prodigy and it is simply no one else in India to give a challenge .Now it is over.Stop pretending .

  8. I dont believe any Religion, but I totally believe the secular freedom in India. She has all rights to openly say her views. After all I hope all would realise that ”Our own conscience is God”. The voice deep inside us which judges good and bad is nothing but God. Let peace previal and stop fighting in the name of Religion.

  9. Anish

    This statement:”My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods” is really shocking and just exposes her and other missionaries arrogant, condescending and intolerant mentality.

    • I remember studying about “33 koti debota”. Does any one know what “koti” mean? One million or a crore? No matter what, for all practical purposes we all hold on to our own gods and godesses… So cheers to all… Let’s lighten up our burden with every help we can muster… the more the merrier!

  10. Ahmed

    This is a standard story telling to impress on other religious people and plant Jesus into their sub-conscious state. I can write better scripts and suggest Mira improvise on this and make it a better story. Amen!

  11. vinod

    She talks of angle saving her .In hinduism there are 33 crore Devatas, who are Similar to the concept of angles in christianity & some similar other religions.Are angles of christians God(s).I dont know how many angles are there as per christian missionaries.In hinduism the devatas yearn to be born as humans,inspite of the fact that they have unimaginable powers & allthe luxuries of all the difft. classes of Heavens–Bhoo.Bhuvah,Tapah……Satyalokah etc,but all falling under the bondage of Maya , and so not worthy to be persued/desired by an enlightened being. Well why go into philosophy,the Christians believe in Trinity, so should i ‘believe’ or intentionally propagate that christians have 3 Gods.And even if we had 33 crore devatas why think about fighting against them.Why misrepresent? Because–“Mine is Superior than Yours.”And than when this religious aggression-conversions ,through thugging, leads to unfortunate incidences like the ones in Orissa, pose as ‘Seculars” or the victims of hindu-terror.
    I would not have written this comment if it had come from a Missionary, because thats all what they are required do in India–Harvest/Convert the native people, culture, tradition…,but coming from the mother of Mahesh-one of my Heroes, I am truly even ashamed–I dont know why……..

    • Brototi Biswas

      1 simple thing. Christians blv in Trinity, which doesnt mean 3 Gods but 3 Godheads. God-as the Father, God as the Son , God as the Holy spirit. Its just like 1 person but reflected in 3 ways. Its always better 2 hv ur facts straight wen u comment about others’religion. Trinity is a theological aspect which cant b made understood 2 u or 2 Christians with impriper or no knowledge about Christian theology.

      2ndly, Wats the gr8 deal if Mrs Bhupathi wants 2 profess and practice d religion of her choice? I think INdian constitution gvs us that right. She is preaching to those who r willing 2 listen at self will. NO 1 is grabbing their neck and mkng 2 sit in her convention.

      d works of missionaries rnt converting ppl. They r d pinoneers of social service in INdia. wr was so called Hindu love or love of hindutva wen orphans, widows, sick and ailing, dying wr rotting? Its these missionaries who took up that burden. its a common phenomenon in India 2 lick the good works of missionaries and then stamp them as converters. I hv studied in a missionaries school wr many non christian financially poor students’ fees and dress, books etc wr all sponsored by missionaries, a thing christians wr deprived of. However not a single converted wr asked to convert. If d only aim of missionaries wr converting, then by the amount of social service they do, India wud hv been a christian nation till now, given the fact that missionaries wr in India prior to independence wen they cud hv coerced ppl into converting like the Mughals.

      Whether or not u r ashamed is a perosnal problem. I’m however proud that she spoke her heart.

  12. Don’t be carried away by passion.
    Use reason and intelligent argument.
    At the end of the day, what can you or me do,
    faced with the personal experience of another human being?
    He or she must have the freedom to express it…
    If you or I don’t like what we hear, that is our problem…
    If it is offensive or against the law…
    there are laws and systems in place to take care of that.
    And we should have recourse to it.
    But, we should not take law into our own hands…
    as is happening in several parts of the country….
    even the Supreme Court is now “okaying” such deeds…
    criminals killing innocent people “to teach them a lesson”…
    We are living on a very short fuse!
    Even, Gandhiji the man of peace and tolerance and non-violence
    was murdered, thanks to a misguided ideology…
    Pity, even after 60 or more years enlightenment
    has not dawned on us to see each other as a brother or a sister!!!

    • vinod

      “At the end of the day, what can you or me do,
      faced with the personal experience of another human being?”
      Esteemed, Dr. Paulsan,
      You mean Personal experience,or should I say burden, of “fighting” 33 crore other hindu Gods.

    • JII

      I was born a Christian though I prefer to be called an Indian. I had a question for Dr. Paulson. Is heaven reserved only for Christians? You took the name of Gandhi in your comment. Is he eligible to be considered for staying in heaven? After all, he was a practising Hindu who would have prayed to 33 million Gods. Does that disqualify him?

      Do good to others. Does it really matter whom you call God, whether it is Jesus, Krishna or Allah?

  13. Mahesh

    It is wonderful to hear about the reformation of a sleeping christian man pleaser. I could not be happier for her.

    But I wish, after being born and living in India all her life, she learnt more about the tolerant culture around her that allows people from every aspect of life to rise to the very top of their abilities. She said she married a Hindu boy. Any person marrying for the right reason would have at least tried to learn the culture of their spouse! If she did, she would realize that every Hindu has the highest respect and love for Jesus. Whatever hatred that may manifest from time to time is a reaction to the hateful manipulation of some self proclaimed guardians of the faith (the equivalent christian jihadists). Hatred only begets hatred. Judgement of others or their faith is an expression of intolerance and hatred. And anyone who does this cannot claim to be followers of a loving god.
    Lastly, there are not 33 million gods in India. There are 1.2 billion! The dominant religion says all of us are manifestations of god. So depending on how you count it could mean there is only one god. So how different are we after all 🙂

  14. vinod

    Hello Mira. An advice. Khud ko bada dikhane ke liye doosron ko chotta mat dikhao. Be big on ur achievements not by underlining the failures and flaws of others. Criticizing Hinduism is the easiest was to portray Christianity as good and better. It is because you are in a Hindu dominated country that you are able to sy so. I dare you to go to Afghanistan,Saudi or Pakistan and try similar stunts there.

    • preethi

      Dear bro.
      You haven’t understood the whole thing. She hasn’t degraded anybody.
      Catholicism, a sect of christianity, honours and worships so many saints . What do you say for that? Why do you think she criticised Hinduism ? She didn’t intend to hurt or criticise anyone. You have a long way to go to understand the real meaning of her words.
      God bless you.

      • SInce you stated dear brother, I should say Dear sister (:P).
        In India people are identified with their work first and their name later. India was, is and always will be an argumentative state (The Argumentative Indian; Amartya Sen)if she could have just skipped the 33 million Gods part all would be at piece but clearly she wants attention and controversy. I don’t understand the problem that people from other religions have with Hinduism and Hindus. No Hindu goes out defaming other religions. A hindu accepts and respects other religions. Hinduism is science, spirituality and the truth. Why tarnish such a religion? I don’t think sane Indians (especially) even give a second thought on the religion of compatriots and fellow nationals who glorify the nation.

  15. Mallikarjuna

    Mrs. Mira Bhupathy,
    Your son is extremely gifted fellow, for sure, else
    1) He would never get to play with India’s all-time-best sports-star Leander Paes.
    2) He would never get such a beautiful bride,
    3) above all, he would never make India proud, by his achievements.

    Plz avoid such comments “My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand. ”
    These tend to reduce the respect we otherwise give you as Mother of Mahesh Bhupathi.

  16. Dr. K. P. Paulson

    The hues of comments this piece has generated is amazing. Christianity and Hinduism do not have a clean record of tolerance over the millennia. However, there is a persisting and fabricated MYTH that Hinduism has always been tolerant. This false claim is questioned by the people of the Indus Valley civilization, Buddhists, Jains, tribals, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Indian atheists, agnostics and materialists from ancient times onwards. Let the critics study seriously Indian religious history and one can be sure that Hinduism will not be bailed out on the ground of tolerance.
    It is like any other major religion in the world and Hinduism cannot claim any preferential treatment on this issue. The myth and reality does not match. Even the very comments that have appeared on this BLOG against Mira proves it. Some comments are very intolerant of others religious opinion… not speaking of real hard core hate mail, that cannot be published, on principle: hate begets hate!
    Religious tolerance also means tolerating the opinion of others on religious matters. Why to take on that woman?

    • Dr M. Patel

      Renowned secular Indian historians do admit a cultural and religious subduing of the Indus Valley people by the Aryan immigrants from Central Asia. They absorbed and assimilated the best in the Indus Valley people and then dominated them and made them the Sudras, the last in their caste hierarchy. All three in the caste hierarchy were considered “twice born” but not the Sudras, they are only “once born”. The Aryans came with three classes in the caste hierarchy and added a forth one. And yet my friends call this tolerance, as the Aryans did not wipe them out! The very caste system of Hinduism is the perfect embodiment of intolerance of Hinduism. It goes against human rights and human dignity.

      • A. C. Kamal

        “Hindus never quarreled with each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of religion”. This is outright total stupidity: Does the author come from a different planet? Or is he/she totally innocent of even elementary history?
        While there are certainly divisions in Christianity and Islam, these divisions are not what they are made out to be (refusing to even enter places of worship of other sects etc).
        And has the author never heard of the several temples that prevent non-Hindus from entering (Jaganath in Puri and Guruvayoor in Kerala among them)?
        Or the temples which prohibit women from entering lest they ‘pollute’ the place due their possible menstrual state? Or the many, many temples that prohibit the entry of dalits? (This even required a law to be passed – but like all social legislation, it is observed more in the breach).
        Or the laws of Hindu scripture, which consider some 30% of the population as unfit to be even classified in the caste-system, not even at the bottom of the heap – they’re beyond the pale, the “outcastes”?
        Or the fact that the priesthood in Christianity and and Islam, while having gender barriers, at least do not have caste prohibitions, whereas the priesthood in Hinduism has both gender and caste restrictions?
        It is odious to claim superiority of one religion over another on selective criteria. The fact is that all religions, as they are practiced, have their drawbacks. If one has to compare them, then one should compare them on their teachings and tenets – and in this comparision too, no single one, not even Christianity, will come out perfect or without blemish. We all have something to learn from each other.

    • Aman Garg

      Dear Shri Paulson
      I agree there have been religious intolerance in our country too. But what was the scale? The deaths caused by CRUSADE wars and ISLAMIC conquests are far far more greater. Sir, I am not trying to justify violence. I am just presenting facts. The crusade by Christian nations on Muslim nations still continue. It just goes by a different name.
      Hinduism is the only secular religion. It is the only hope for this world. It is the only religion that gives importance ONLY to the intensity of faith and NOT the object of worship. As long as one has well intentioned thoughts and faith, please tell me how does it matter whom we pray to? I presume you are in India. Can’t you SEE for yourself that people belonging to other religions also get happiness, success, health etc even though they dont pray to Jesus? A typical christian answer would be “The happiness we get by praying to other Gods is temporary and Jesus alone would giv permanent happiness even after death”. Do you think this logic is true? Why would God bestow all his blessings on a person who does not believe in Jesus, thereby putting him under a delusion that he is praying to ‘correct’ God only to burn him in hell fire after he dies?Pls tell me how does that happen. There was a question by JII that you still have not answered. Please tell us why.
      Also please think WHY DOES RELIGIOUS WAR HAPPEN? There is a group that thinks “Mine is the ONLY WAY”. There is another group that thinks the same way.. and they fight. Why do Christians get trapped under this falsehood of “THE ONLY WAY”, when you all can see that people belonging to other religions also get happiness, health, success etc? We Indians have realized thousands of years ago that it is only your faith that matters and the OBJECT OF WORSHIP(JESUS in your case) is irrelevant. We Indians were far more advanced in these kind of thoughts. Nobody s denying Christ is only of the infinite ways to get peace. But to go about saying that he is the only way is not only wrong, it is dangerous to the society. These kind of statements would lead to fanaticism even though they may not explicitly preach fanaticism. India, Hinditva and our culture is about accepting everybody based on the intensity of faith and the well intentioned thoughts of a person. I request you to think over my points and turn towards Hindutva. Your family may have become christians some time in the past, but we are all branches of the same big banyan tree called Hinduism. We dont need anybody from Arabia or Europe to teach us religion. Infact you and I should be teaching our religion to the rest of the world.

      • Hi, Its noble of you to respond like this. I appreciate it. I have traveled all spheres of thought. I too believe that “My way Is the Only way” is NOT the best way forward.
        But look at this, The lower castes will convert to Christianity, they will be taught to question everything, and they will. They will also then find that they have access to all spheres of thought [Hinduism, Islam and Christianity].
        The sad thing is that the Brahmins have corrupted what was pure. The true way of Life also known as Hindusim. They have introduced this pagan worship. Hinduism does not tell you to bow down to any idol and offer puja. It simple tells you to find yourself [Consciousness – self awareness]. In finding self you will find God. Since we are made in the image of God / Brahma / Allah. Same meaning in different languages. [english / Sanskrit / Arabic]

        Religions are like an olympic pool. each lane separated by ropes and each lane has water of a different colour. White [Christian], Safforn [Hindu], Green [Islam] and so on and so forth. everyone wants to get to the other end of the pool. But there are a few who are telling the people in the saffron lane, come here this path will take you to the end, The saffron are telling the tribal lane that come here this lane will lead you to the end. The Green lane is telling the saffron and white and others to come to their green lane, its the real lane and will take you to the end. I say to all these lanes and people in them, Please get out of the lanes and see clearly, find your own path. The view from the water is blurry and you could get lost easily. Get out of it.
        There us no use fighting if someone is Christian or Hindu, no one has a right to belittle anyone and their beliefs. If You were God would you only create roses, wouldn’t you create apple trees and cactus or even butterflies?
        Hence all are necessary to God. BUt God does not want you to tell how him great he is every day or five times a day. He knows how great He is. By you telling him wont make him greater of lesser. He wants to see how you react to your neighbor, your wife and children that he gifts you. He Puts a hungry man in front of you to see your reactions, He puts a sick person in front of you to see your reaction. He gives you pain to see how you handle it. He takes it back too. He gives you suffering so that you value life and question everything. when he wants to give you wisdom, he will make you suffer so that you value everything he gives you. IN todays world we say God created man, but here and everywhere we see Man has created God. A concept to suit his emotions and understandings.
        You cannot win or lose souls, they are God’s property and not man’s.
        If God was found in a book why would he be present in his creations. You only know an artist through his work and not by what is written about him. Self awareness and self consciousness are so important. A Christian is not a convert if he goes to the mosque. A hindu is not a convert if he goes to Church. He is what his heart is. And only God can Program his heart not man, Man can coerce, but his core is what God designed it to be.
        This debate will continue to be a religious one since you are the people in the olympic pool.
        You know this line… “Satyamev Jayate” Vedas, “In truth there is victory” – Bible. Truth is not in any book its found only after doing the journey through the desert. Not by converting to any faith.

      • Ann

        I thank God that I do not believe in a religion that ‘gives importance to the intensity of faith not the object of worship!’ What about the days when my faith lacks intensity? Do not think material things are acquired from God. Jesus Christ is not Oprah! He is the giver of Salvation. He died for all of our sins, and rose from the dead on the third day to defeat death. I have the promise of eternal life because I believe in him. If I die tomorrow I will be in heaven with him. My life goes on. I am not a sudra, bhramin, or kshatriya…I am a human wonderfully created by God and loved by him. I may be poor or rich, back or white…He died for the Jews and the gentiles. If you think that because Hindus are financially successful that they are blessed…you have it twisted…life on earth might be good with all that stuff…but what happens when you die…you came to this earth naked, you will leave naked!! What happens if there is a hell? What will you do then?

  17. Mahesh

    Spoken like a true Indian should! There is good and bad in all. Recognizing ones own bad and fixing them should be our goal in this life, not pointing an accusatory finger at others. Appreciating the good in others and assimilating those good qualities in ones self is the corrollary to that. That is one aspect of Indian culture that we should strengthen, whether we are Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, buddhists, … when that happens it would not matter if we call god one name or another, or 33 million different names, or choose to call it science/nature. People who are insecure about themselves can never see good in others. People who cannot appreciate the good in others are condemned to some level of hatred in them. Hatred will consume them and make them bad or even evil to different degrees. Bad people only move away further from any higher power/state/god. At the very least it will sound hollow when they claim to be working for god or a higher goal in life

  18. Samrat

    I was never Hindu till atleast I was 20. Atmost I was a velama a ruler class individual.

    Its surprising that I, a meat eating individual is clubbed with non-meat eating Brahmin and not with Muslim or christian just based on who we call our gods are.

    Above all, every body bows there head to god, and searches for him in the skies. Frankly, its just the faith and god could have a million names based on situation and. The symbolisms are area specifics. In India, Mira Bhupathi should realise that we never spoke english until the last 200 years and its called differently than Lord like devudu, prabhu etc. Just stop fighting and you will be fine, unless you are publicity crazy person looking for identity and found people’s weak emotions as avenue.

  19. Mira Bhupathi

    It is sad that I have been badly misunderstood. I don’t give much importance to religion. In the name of religion we are all fighting in India today, that makes me feel very sad. God did not make religion. He wanted all of us to love each other and live in harmony as brothers and sisters, since each one of us are Gods children.

    What I want to clarify is that I am blessed to get to know the Lord Jesus who is a living God and who gave His life to save each and every human being on this earth. Even Mahatma Ghandi loved the Lord Jesus and followed His principles and teachings, for example the one that says: “If someone hits you on your right cheek, turn your left one to him or her”, and also to love your enemies (non violence).

    I have been so blessed after knowing the love of the Lord Jesus. So I would like to share that love with everyone i meet, since I know that the Lord Jesus died for everyone and not just for me. I love all people, no matter what religion they belong to. May God bless each and everyone of you.

  20. Joseph

    Mira I read your testimonial with interest and I wish you luck in your spiritual walk. However (and isn’t there always an “however”!), you spoke of your son as a “born-again baptized believer”. Now I probably wouldn’t even be writing this note if your son wasn’t a famous tennis player, because I probably would never have heard of him. But since he is a famous tennis player and I have heard of him I think it’s only fair to bring up the other side of your Christian son; namely that he is (in all likelihood) a serial adulterer and that adultery is probably what led to the end of his marriage.
    Please don’t take this as a personal attack on the validity of your spiritual experience. I’m simply pointing out that he has engaged (seemingly) in un-Christian like behavior with his adulteries. I thought Christians (and isn’t it interesting how several readers were surprised to hear that Mahesh is a Christian!) were better than that. Yes we are all sinners but Christians are supposed to confess their sins and not seek divorce without great and specific provocations. Yet your son has unrepentantly committed the great sin of divorce and done great injury to his ex-wife and her family (and probably his own family too).
    Yet another example of a proclaimed Christian falling by the wayside with no apparent sign of remorse, contrition, and confession.
    It’s never too late though. Since your Christian son has publicly humiliated his ex-wife he should publicly confess his sins and seek her forgiveness.

    • Ann

      All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with the same measure that you judge, you will be judged also.

  21. martha brown

    Dear Mira,
    I honor your testimony and must say that I have a very similar testimony. If you are going to be in the U.S. soon, I’d like to arrange a meeting with you and a platform to share your testimony with others. I’m in India currently on business but will be back in the States this coming week. God Bless you and your family.

  22. Aruna

    Dear Mira,
    It’s really wonderful to read your testimony. Praise God for all His wonderful deeds. I am really very very happy to hear that Mahesh Bhoopathy is a believer. Wow…God’s name is glorified in India, thro’ the VIP.s. I was touched by the brokenness in your words. Praise be to God.
    When we proclaim something, we should be prepared to face what ever comes back. People who have responded here, have expressed their feelings,both positive and negative. They have their rights to do it. May God bless them.

  23. Yogesh

    Dear sister,

    No matter what the people say about lets just look at what Jesus wants us to do. Only the person who eats an orange will know the taste of it. We could just explain the taste of it.Only the people who taste will know what it is…
    1 Corinthians 1:18
    For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

    Lets not be ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

    God BLESS

  24. Dear Mira,
    I praise God for your moving testimony.I;m so glad that you came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and you are serving Him.God’s ways are so mysterious and its beyond human comprehension.Taste and see that the Lord is good.He will find us even when we are not seeking Him.God bless you and your family abundantly.God bless,

  25. remya

    People who have issues against Jesus, I wonder how you will react when He comes back again and you realise that what these odious Christians were harping about was right after all!! Don’t criticise what you dont know. Mira rejected Hinduism after having lived like a Hindu. If you want to reject Christianity, please study what Christianity means and says before you reject it. Truth hurts. And people are so hurt by the comments of Christians precisely because of that. It is the TRUTH, not just “a” truth. I have grappled with the question ‘Will all Non Christians go to hell’? And the answer is ‘I dont know. God judges.’ But to the question ‘Will all practicing and believing (pls note I say practicing and believing) Christians go to Heaven?’, I would say a resounding YES. Not because they are perfect, but because they have been JUSTIFIED through the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. This JUSTIFICATION and pardon may seem unfair but its not….its not unfair because its not reserved for just a few. The pardon and justification is freely available to ANYBODY who will believe. May God help you believe.

  26. remya

    But, and this is the flip side, I am sorry to say Mira Bhupathi, that your son is a bad example of a ‘born-again Christian’. He is an adulterer and has married a non-believer. Also, he cannot live peacably with others (think Leander) and he is very arrogant (look at all his arrogant coments). None of these are qualities that befit a true Christian. Especially the adultery. Remember what Jesus said, “In that day many will say to me Lord Lord and I will say I never knew you.”

    • Sam

      Hi Mira your comment “I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me”. If you can only win your son’s soul by weaning him away from his adulterous and egoistic lifestyle, it would multiply your 10,000 count to ten fold.
      For more information copy and paste the following in your browser:

  27. Andrea

    Amist all the differences, difference of opinion, imperfections and criticism, the Lord Jesus will prevail and if He has a plan for Mahesh, which I believe He has it will prevail Nothing and no one can hinder the plan of the Lord. There is something called Salvation for our Eternal Life (life after death) which Jesus died for BIBLE VERSE 1 THESSALONIANS 9For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 10He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him.

  28. Bhuvana

    Glory to God, once again lord proved he s a true living god. Really god’s hand blessed abudantly on mira auntie’s family. He ll nt.leave us nor forsake us. God s always wit mahesh’s life so only he s gtng victory nd blessed life.

  29. Dear fellow christians
    All of us have set the worst example of being a christian by calling Mahesh Bhupati an adulterer. The bible says ” All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” Who are we to judge others? The Bible says Prayerlessness is sin, knowing what is good and not doing it is sin, anger is sin, telling a lie is sin, hating some one is sin and in our context judging others is sin. I am sure all of us fall into these categories and the list can go on. Now all these are no less a sin than adultery. If Mahesh has sinned let’s pray for him, God will forgive him just as he forgave us. God did not condemn the lady caught in adultery. He has not condemned us nor will he condemn us. God loves Mahesh just as he is an to God Mahesh is a man created in His own image. I am not saying what has happened is right but i encourage you to pray for him. Please do no call him an adulterer.but hope God will bring about a change.

  30. Mira Bhupathi

    To All who think ‘Mahesh is a villain , as a mother I feel , very proud that Mahesh has lived as an exemplary Christian. After many wonderful days they spent together, When his ex wife was making so many accusations against him, he never once opened his MOUTH TO DEFEND HIMSELF OR PUT HER DOWN. HE ONLY WISHED HER ALL THE BEST, INSPITE OF MANY PEOPLE ASKING ME WHY HE IS NOT DEFENDING HIMSELF. HE WAS ONLY FOLLOWING TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST…..AND AGAIN Last year when I asked Mahesh why he can’t play with Leander as THE TENNIS ASSOCIATION asked him to, he replied saying , mama, HOW CAN I LET DOWN MY PARTNER ROHAN SINCE FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR I HAVE PRACTICED TO PLAY WITH HIM FOR THE OLYMPICS, IS THAT WHAT GOD WOULD WANT ME TO DO?But God Honoured the pair and they reached the world doubles finals in London last November . Today they are both ranked in the top ten in the ATP rankings . Their are always two sides of the story. Whether career, marriage , family. Jumping into conclusions are very easy. But living a celebrity life with so many people judging is very difficult. End of the day all of us are accountable to God. Let The Almighty God alone judge each of us
    . As mother I don’t feel good to read some of the harsh comments on my son. May The Almighty God bless everyone of you.

  31. Mira Bhupathi

    For all those who have understood my heartfelt feelings n encouraged me . May The Almighty God shower abundant blessings on each one of you. Love n prayers. Mira Bhupathi

  32. Neenu

    May the Lord Almighty Bless you for your wonderful testimoney.Such a wounderful news to know that you and your son are believers.
    All this just points to one wonderful event..that..Jesus is coming soon.

  33. Belcy

    Dear Aunty, you have. been blessed by the Lord as per HIS promises. What ever comes in or goes out. Jesus is with us. May God Bless & use you for many ministries.

  34. Saji K

    A wonderful testimony

  35. avinashk1975

    There is no fun in Christian and Hindu Heavens. Then why any one should convert to Christianity? Michael Jackson converted to Islam so also A.R. Rehman. We can enjoy four at a time on Planet Earth and also have a chance to enjoy 72 in the Paradise. The Islamic Paradise is stocked with abundant supply of wine, women, water, fruits, etc.

  36. Sanjeev

    I know the Bhupathi family from their days in Muscat & had many interactions at a common friends parties.
    The duo of Krishna & Mira had a aura which was quite rare & reflected in their amazing personalities . Very humble & down to earth in their dealings with people of all walks of life.The value system they have imbibed in their children Mahesh & Kavitha are amazing.God bless this family !

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