Song For Raped Orissa Nun director Dr Dominic Dixon has composed a song for Sr Meena, the Orissa nun who was gang raped on 25th August in the Orissa anti-Christian violence.

“I have forgiven and I have nothing against anybody” Rev. Sister Meena.

“I’m happy that this song has been composed by HSI MoreLove Radio. It has expressed deep sympathy  for the victim and has expressed the trauma that she is going through. I hope this song from HSI MoreLove Radio will bring sympathy and courage to abused women around the world and will convict the hearts of rapists that they will understand the trauma of their victims,” says Archbishop, Raphael Cheenath of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar Diocese, Orissa.

“When I heard that our beloved Nun had been raped, my heart broke and was troubled ever since. I fasted and prayed before the Lord for the healing of this precious Sister who has sacrificed her life for the very same people’s group who have raped her. Being a Psychologist, I know the trauma of a rape victim. I just cannot imagine what this nun is going through considering the fact that she saved her chastity for Christ, only for it to be violently violated. I decided to make a song for our Sister in Christ, she is PURE , TOTALLY PURE!,” says Director, MoreLove Radio, Dr. Dominic Dixon

You may log on to to listen, watch and download this song with  lyrics & chords.  Log on to listen with a million others from over forty nations. Our Mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through Music & Meditations and to touch the Hearts & Minds to save Souls!

Dr. Dominic F. Dixon, a Christian Evangelist based in Bangalore, is the Founder and Director of MORE (Ministry Of Reconciliation & Evangelization), MORELOVE.IN, MORELOVERADIO. Dom has reached out to several hundred thousand youth in over 36 Countries who have been abused, addicts, alcoholics, and the outcast including gangsters.

Dom is a faculty member at Colleges in the discipline of Ethics and Value Education, promoting PURITY. Dom is the most interviewed Christian Evangelist in India having been interviewed by CNN, NDTV, India Today, Times of India, Headlines Today, Agence France-Presse and other International News channels and projected in over 100 Provinces worldwide  in regards to his work amongst the youth.

After working as a Technology Corporate consultant in the US, Canada and India, he submitted to the CALL to serve Jesus in 2001. Since then he has travelled extensively proclaiming the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ. Dom holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He has done his Discipleship Training and School of University Ministries with Youth With A Mission.

Dom has authored two major books on Psychology and Sociology. “The Beautiful Christian Mind – deliverance from mental illness” and “I’m a Teenager, pls understand me” and has produced an Audio Album on his series “Purpose of Life’s Events”

Dom’s cry: Lord Jesus, give me the YOUTH of this world or I will die!



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  1. Congratulations to Dr. Dixon for the ministry of ‘healing’ among young people and especially on Sr. Meena. We are devastated with this experience. She needs our solid support in helping her to “heal herself”. A frail woman – she stands shattered, broken, violated! and yet from this utter devastation will emerge a New Self, a “healed Sr. Meena”, a WOUNDED HEALER

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