Death For 11 while 12 Sentenced To Life In Jail for Bombing Churches

BANGALORE, Karnataka (SAR NEWS) — Eleven persons belonging to a fundamentalist outfit were awarded death sentence by a special court here, November 29, in cases relating to serial bomb blasts in churches across Karnataka June-July 2000.

The court also sentenced12 persons to life imprisonment and acquitted four others – all belonging to the banned Deendar Channabasaveshwara Anjuman outfit founded in Karnataka with an aim to Islamise India.

The 34th Additional City Civil and Session Judge, S.M. Shivanagoudar, announced the quantum of sentence on the Deendar men who were convicted, November 11.

Special public prosecutor, H.N. Nilogal, said: “The sentence will definitely convey a tough message to terror elements who are seeking to destabilise the country. This is a historic judgment and it highlights the efficiency of the police force.”

Four police officers, M.B. Appanna, G.R. Hiremath, B. Mahantesh and V.S. D’Souza, were involved in the investigation. Twenty-seven Anjuman men from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Hubli were arrested in the cases.

The activists sentenced to death are Mohammad Ibrahim, Sheikh Hasham Ali, Hasnuzama, Abdul Rehaman Sait, Amanath Hussain Mulla, Mohammad Sharfuddin, Syed Muneerudin Mulla, Mohammad Akhil Ahmed, Ijahar Baig, Syed Abbas Ali and Mohammad Khalid Choudhary.

The 12 sentenced to “remain in jail till their death” are Mohammad Farook Ali, Mohammad Siddiqi, Abdul Habeeb, Shamshuzama, Sheikh Fardin Vali, Syed Abdul Khader Zilani, Mohammad Ghiyasuddin, Meerasab Koujalagi, Rishi Hiremath, Basheer Ahmed, Mohammad Hussain and Sangli Basha.

Some of the accused were nabbed while escaping in a car after carrying out a blast in Sts. Peter and Paul Church at Jagjivanram Nagar. This led to the arrest of others by the Corps of Detectives, which probed the case. They were also accused of involvement in similar blast cases in Andhra Pradesh and Goa.

The serial explosions that rocked churches in Jagjivanram Nagar, Magadi Road, Bangalore, Keshwapur in Hubli and Wadi in Gulbarga district, had created panic among people.


Mission Deendar Anjuman

The Deendar Channabasaveshwara Anjuman sect was founded in 1924 at Bellampet in Gulbarga district of Karnataka State. For more than seven decades, the sect maintained low-profile, till it gained notoriety after masterminding explosions in 13 places of worship in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa in 2000.

This Sufi sect, which preaches that Islam is a mixture of local cultures, religions and traditions, was founded by Deendar Channabasaveshwara Siddiqui.

His son Syed Zia-ul-Hassan is alleged to have masterminded the blasts. He is now the spiritual head of the outfit. Hassan, who is reportedly based in Peshawar, Pakistan, is also alleged to have floated a terrorist outfit named the Jamaat-e-Hizbul Mujahideen in Pakistan.

The Deendar headquarters is located in Hyderabad, where they have their own colony, including a mosque and a madrassa.

The present chief of the sect is Sayyid Imam, who presides over a team of approximately 100 muballighs or missionaries.

According to Deendar Anjuman, or Religious Association, Islam is the only true global religion and Mohammed the final prophet whose teachings “stand the test of time and space”.

The sect interprets Islam as the logical conclusion of the spiritual beliefs of all ‘true Hindus’. Even while it claims that all religions are equal, Anjuman cadres believe that Islam is “superior” and all other religions either begin from there or merge with it and are therefore ‘incomplete’. The mission of the Anjuman is Islamisation of India.


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