Media Shallowness Exposed

You must have talked a lot and listened to a lot about the attacks in Mumbai. Is it possible to look critically at what has happened in Mumbai?


who were focused?

who were not focused?

who were denied any focus?

who will never be focused?


The state of our news reporters! Have we ever compared our news reporters  with other International ones? their critical analysis of the issue and the way they appear? Who are news reporters of our country? their mind set? their commitment to Human Rights! to the poor?


Was the issue properly handled

by the media?

by the politicians?

by the governments?


Was the issue of Taj and Oberoi more focused than the loss of people?

Why not much was shown nor discussed on the death of so many people in the Railway station? Which politician went to meet them?


Who are the terrorists?

which terrorists were not caught? 

which terrorists will never be caught?


Many politicians at the centre and states are thrown away for their inactivity.

Why this did not happen when…

thousands of farmers committed suicide?

 – thousands of innocents chased away from their homes and hundreds tortured in Orissa?

thousands tortured everyday due to discrimination, domestic  violence etc.


Every life is precious and everyone has a right to live. But Mumbai experience seems to be giving us new lessons to learn… 


On the one side, politicians are playing their game of blaming each other! Media has taken a centre stage. They were more important than the news itself. We have learnt the shallowness of our media. There were familiar with Taj and Oberoi but not with the Railway stations. That is where they frequented for many press meets! They were more interested in creating sensational news and centring on themselves. (We are the first ones to reach here, ours is the exclusive report).


Nithiya ofm.cap
Justice and Peace Commission

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