Testimony: Miraculous escape from Mumbai Terrorists

My Name is Thomas Uledar. I am a believer, Jesus saved me 10 years ago. He saved my life then and now He’s given me a new meaning to my life. I am involved in Children Ministry and also run Classes where we teach English. On 31st October 2008, I got married to a girl who is a believer and has the same calling i.e. involved in Children Ministry.
This is how God saved me from the hands of Terrorists.
          My sister was admitted in Cama Hospital just adjacent to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus). She delivered a baby girl on 25th November, but her baby had slight complications and was kept in an Incubator.
         On 26th November myself, my Mom and brother along with 7 other relatives (totaling 10) went to visit her. It was quite late about 9.30 pm that we decided to go back home. We wanted to leave in two groups. Five left earlier and the rest of us were also leaving the Hospital. Suddenly after 15 minutes, the 5 who left earlier came running into the Hospital and asking us to run and shouting that Terrorists are firing bullets at the CST station.
We all started running back into the Hospital as we saw Two Terrorists entering into the Building premises. They shot dead two security guards at the entrance.
      We, the 10 of us are all believers in Jesus and were cautioning people to hide in the hospital room and wherever they could. They all responded and went into hiding.
     My mother and Aunty went into the 2nd floor where my new born niece was, in an ICU. Rest of us ran to the 5th floor to be with my sister. There were many other ladies in the Ward (Hospital General Ward). We tried to secure the doors but could not. We tied the gate outside the doors with a piece of cloth and switched off all the lights in the Ward.
      After few minutes I noticed that a tube light at the corridor was on and so I went out of the room to switch it off. I could not locate the switch, when I turned back to head for the ward, I saw the 2 terrorists coming up the Stairway and they were armed with AK 47 Assault Rifles & Guns. I could not run, one of them came directly towards me and pointed the Rifle at my chest and asked “Where are the other people”? I replied “I came running up the stairs”.
      At this time my brother-in-law came out and they caught him too. They took us to the Ward and started looking around. They found another of my relative who was hiding under the Nurses’ desk. They made the 3 of us stand with our backs to the wall, they snatched our cell phones too.
      They then told the 3 of us to lie down on our stomachs and then started loading their rifles. They told us to stand up and asked us “Who are you”? I didn’t reply anything. They then turned and asked my brother-in-law “Are you Hindu”? To this he replied “I am a Christian”. They asked the two of us and we too said “We are Christians”?
      On the floor I saw my brother lying down, he pretended to be dead. They did not notice him, I think for they did not do anything to him.
      They took the 3 of us into the Rest rooms and told us to call those who were hiding in the restrooms to come out. My brother-in-law said to those locked in the restrooms in HINDI “Come out” and then in Telugu (language spoken in Andhra Pradesh)“Don’t come out” . The terrorists could not understand this language.
While one of the Terrorists was holding his Rifle towards us, the other went searching for people hiding in the Ward. He saw my brother lying on the floor pretending to be dead but did not do anything to him.
      Then he found an elderly man, he brought him out to make him stand with us. The old man kept pleading with him” Don’t kill me in the restroom, kill me here”. They caught him by his hair and pinned him on the ground. They told him say “Allah” and shot him on the shoulder (we later found that the bullet went through his body and had hit the floor) and stabbed him on his back.
      They again came to us and ordered us to stand with our faces to the wall. At this time I prayed “Father I am coming Home, receive me” because I felt there was no way of escape. To our amazement we found that the terrorist’s hands were not moving to shoot.
      All the ladies who had delivered babies were hiding in the Consulting rooms on the same floor. They could not find them.
     They then decided to lock the restrooms from the outside and proceeded to the 6th floor.
They first killed 2 policemen on the 6th floor, exploded 4 Hand Grenades they were firing 100s of bullets, spraying them on the Walls, ceilings and empty Elevators (we could hear the gunshots). I visited this floor a week after and photographed the walls, it seems that the LORD GOD confused them into wasting their bullets and ammunition.
     We were in the meanwhile locked in the restroom, praying, interceding and binding the spirit of terrorism & death and were speaking life. No one came till 2 hours, then 10 policemen came and opened the door. When the doors were opened we saw the old man who was shot, lying on the ground, my brother who was unharmed and other people injured on the floor. We helped to take the injured to another Hospital. We came back to Cama Hospital, we opened the doors of the Consulting rooms and other room where the people were hiding to tell them that they are now safe.
     Although there were new born babies, they were all sleeping and none made any noise. I believe the Holy Spirit took control over the little babies and all were protected. There were also many ladies in the hospital whom God protected and kept them unharmed.
     I had asked the Lord “Why did you allow 10 of us believers to be trapped by terrorists in the Hospital”? The LORD GOD answered me “Because of your presence other people were saved”. My mind went to the book of Genesis where Abraham pleaded for Sodom and Gomorrah & God promised him “If I find 10 righteous people I will save the city”.
     Many thoughts came to my mind –
It’s less than a month since I am married, will I die now. I thought about my wife and was interceding very strongly during these hours.
      I had prayed “LORD I don’t want to die now, and I want to serve you. Nevertheless, I leave it into Your Hands, if I die so be it”.
Now I really want to use this New Life for Jesus.


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