30,000 tribal girls missing in Sundargarh

Sundargarh: Even though the State and Central Government-sponsored poverty-alleviation schemes are being implemented over decades in the tribals-dominated Sundargarh district, which is rich in natural resources and booming with both mini and mega industries, its poverty-ridden tribal minor and major girls are being sold out as commodities in the virtually slave market of the national capital of Delhi. Such a startling revelation has come to the fore following the arrest of a woman racketeer Sukra Badaik recently.

Sources informed that Badaik is a habitual offender and she has been nabbed many a time. Badaik was once again in the police dragnet due to the initiative of an NGO Child Line.

Badaik admitted that she sells each tribal girl at Rs 2,000 and the Delhiites, purchase the gullible girls, exploit on their whims. At the out set, the girl has to lose her original identity and she is rechristened with a fake name so that she cannot be traced either by her family members or by the police.

With every change of master, the name goes on altering. Badaik is unable to locate the whereabouts of the girls, whom she has already sold out, she confessed, adding that she has trafficked over 20 tribal girls from the district and her family members have assisted in her modus operandi.

Initially, each member of such a racket, connecting Delhi to Sundargarh, is recruited and trained thoroughly so that he or she can easily lure the innocent and poor tribal girls with lucrative job prospects in Delhi.

Once having crossed the threshold of one’s respective nativity, the job hunter is lost for ever.

Over 30,000 tribal girls hailing from Subdega and Balishankara blocks under Talsara constituency, Kutra and Rajgangpur blocks under Rajgangpur constituency, Birkera and Bisra blocks under Lathikata constituency, Kuanrmunda block under Birmitrapur constituency and Koida and Gurundia blocks under Bonai constituency have reportedly gone missing.

Stringent legislation and proper implementation by the law-enforcement agencies to rescue those missing girls and initiating measures to dissuade the victims from being fallen easy prey to such racket is the need of the hour, local urged. (Pioneer 10/12/08)
Source: http://www.isidelhi.org.in/hrnews/dec/1612.htm#TRAFFICKING


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One response to “30,000 tribal girls missing in Sundargarh

  1. julian

    this will only happen if sundargarh and rourkela will be managed by cuttikiyas and jajpuriyas who do not care anything about the tribals and treat them as second class citizens.

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