Orissa Police Torture Minor to Confess Crime he didn’t Commit*

Merciless inhuman torture on Master Sanjay Xess was committed to such an extent that he had no choice but to agree to have committed a crime which he has never committed. It is informed that Master Sanjay Xess; a minor tribal boy of twelve years of age has fallen victim to the brutalities committed by the police. Sanjay Xess had run away from his home with Rs. 400/-, being annoyed since he was slapped by his mother for not reading the study books.
Later in the night, while he was sleeping outside a house in Chend colony, Rourkela, was picked up by the police and taken to the Ragunathpali police station. He was beaten with stick on his legs, hands, back by tying him with rope and stick forcing him to confess that he has stolen mobile phone and Rs. 2,400 from one Nandini’s house. It is stated that Nandini had filed a complaint that her mobile phone and Rs. 2,400/- has been stolen. Instead of verifying the facts on its merit, police preferred to torture the boy for three consecutive days just to get a statement by coercing the tender aged tribal boy. The devil face of the police stands exposed as they poured petrol to the anus of the Sanjay Xess. The fear struck tribal boy had no choice but to agree what ever police wanted from him even to confess a crime which he has never committed. This is a very serious matter and can not be taken lightly.
This incident also confirms that there is no rule of law prevailing at Orissa. Only & only impunity is being practiced by the government, while showing their face in public. This is one more in the long list of many false cases in which tribals have been implicated falsely at Sundergarh district. No body should to live in illusion that they are not accountable.
We also request you to please arrange to hold a workshop at Sundergarh district where an open discussion with facts and figures will help to improve the situation and bring in a sense of responsibility amongst the law keepers themselves
Under the circumstances, we have no choice but to demand stern penal action against the erring police officials involved in this heinous crime by registering cases against them under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and rules thereof. The victimized tribal boy must be given adequate support and reparation at the earliest.
For Tribal Welfare Society, (Pravin Patel), Director.
Copy to: The Chief Secretary, office of the CMO, Govt. of Orissa, Bhubneshwar for information and necessary action in the matter.


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