If you allow pork and fish why not beef ?

Hagari bommana Halli: “If it is ok to eat PORK or FISH why do you put restriction on eating beef ?” questions former CPM Legislator Mr. G. V. Sri Ramareddy to the government. He was talking at the press meet at Somavara Pattanna in Karnataka. Vishnnu was transformed into a pig (handi Vishuvina avatara). In the same manner one of the Devakanye was transformed into a fish. (Devakanyeyobballu matsyakanye-yagi avatarisidaLu). If this is the case then is it right to eat PORK or FISH? asks Mr. Ramareddy. BJP and it sub-ordinates are so much after banning cow-slaughter. They commit so much violence in this regard. After all the cow was only used as a vehicle. But non of their god was transformed into a cow. If anybody can eat PORK or FISH in which their god was transformed then why not the BEEF which was only used as a vehicle. If at all these guys have little respect to their gods then before banning BEEF let them ban PORK and FISH first. Ruling by evoking the religion sentiments: Yediyurappa Govt is ruling by playing with the religious sentiments of the people. They are after COW SLAUGHTHER but no one speaks about HUMAN SLAUGHTER in the name of religion, cast and language. There is no value to the human life though they speak about the respect to the life of a cow. *Translated by Ancy Paladka, from Kannada Prabha Kannada Daily news item published on page 5, in the issue dated 13-Jan-2009


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