An Overview: Sri Ram Sena

A handful of men from a group thought of deciding how others should behave in Mangalore (south India). The group is called Sri Ram Sena.
Here’s the history of the group and the man who founded it. Sri Rama Sena is a pro-Hindu apolitical organization based in Hubli.There was nationwide outrage, as the images of the Mangalore pub incident scarred the collective psyche of a nation that’s celebrating Republic Day. Pramod Muthalik is the man who laid the foundation of the right-wing Hindu group called the Sri Ram Sena.
“Whoever has done this has done a good job. Girls going to pubs is not acceptable. So, whatever the Sena members did was right. You are highlighting this small incident to malign the BJP government in the state,” said Pramod.
Pramod a full-time RSS man earlier, was the Karnataka coordinator of the Bajrang Dal four years ago. Soon he was expelled from the Bajrang Dal after which he joined the Shiv Sena and later he formed his own group.That is what happen in India all the time.
This isn’t the first time the Sri Ram Sena has indulged in moral policing.This is sadly not an isolated incident of groups taking the law into their own hands. Churches and prayer halls around Mangalore were attacked just a few months ago over alleged conversions. In Bangalore, rave parties on the outskirts of the city were raided – not by police – but by members of the Kannada Rakshana Vedike.
As well as in August, 2008, it vandalised an exhibition of M F Husain’s paintings in Delhi.However the group also finds mention in the Malegaon (Maharashtra) blast chargesheet filed by the Maharashtra Police. In the transcript of a conversation, the prime accused Colonel Purohit is quoted saying, “The Shri Ram Sena is doing very good work. Purohit calls the leader of the group as Muthalik.Muthalik staunchly defended Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, another key accused in the Malegaon blast case, saying she is innocent.And now he’s dismissing the Mangalore pub attack as a small incident.
Source: Guru Ghantal (Jan, 27 ’09)


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