Karnataka’s Recent Communal Violence Record (June 2008 – January 2009)

The state’s communal record has gone up drastically in recent times …
June 9, 2008: Temple affairs minister Krishnaiah Shetty issues circular to 34,000 temples to perform special puja for newly sworn-in CM. Order later modified after protests.
August 10, 2008: Karnataka Rakshana Vedike attacks a group of 35 people allegedly holding a ‘rave party’ at Manchanabele Dam.
August 14, 2008: State-owned Mahabaleshwara Temple in Gokarna transferred to Ramachandrapur Math, known for its save-the-cow campaigns A vandalised church in Mangalore.
August 29, 2008: The Public Instruction Department issues notices to all Christian institutions in the state to shut down to protest the violence against Christians in Orissa. Notice precursor to statewide attacks on churches. September 14, 2008: With Mangalore as the epicentre, Sangh parivar activists attack Christian prayer halls and churches across state. More churches attacked three days later.
October 16, 2008: The largest-selling Kannada newspaper claims on its front page that conversions have gone up alarmingly after Sonia Gandhi-Congress came to power. Debates the issue on its Op-Ed page for over a month.
October 30, 2008: Bajrang Dal activists attack two undertrials in Mangalore district sub jail; sixth such attack after its chief Mahendra Kumar’s arrest on September 20.
December 12, 2008:
Aggressive posturing at Baba Budangiri by parivar leaders and Hindu pontiffs.
December 27, 2008: Hoysala Sene attacks Fuga bar in Bangalore, alleges illegal activities.
December 28, 2008: Bajrang Dal activists attack a bus ferrying students on a study tour to Mysore, saying girls and boys from different religions can’t travel together B.V. Seetharam handcuffed.
January 6, 2009: B.V. Seetharam, editor of Mangalore-based newspaper Karavali Ale, who followed a strong anti-parivar editorial line, handcuffed and arrested in alleged extortion case. Prior to his arrest, parivar elements vandalise paper’s office.
January 7, 2009: Laddoos distributed in some schools across the state on Vaikunta Ekadashi. Congress demands biriyani should be distributed on Ramzan.
January 19, 2009: An arrested dacoit reportedly confesses links with radical Hindu groups and admits to carrying out the Hubli district court bombing before the May assembly elections.
January 25, 2009: Sri Rama Sene activists attack pub in Mangalore and molest and beat up women.
January 25, 2009: Bajrang Dal activists attack a private party in Mangalore.
January 28, 2009: Muzrai department orders temples to perform special puja to ward off “ill-effects” of the solar eclipse. magazine |
Feb 09, 2009 ‘No Major Crimes Or Law And Order Problems During My Rule’ Karnataka chief minister Yediyurappa stuck to staccato answers in an interview.



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2 responses to “Karnataka’s Recent Communal Violence Record (June 2008 – January 2009)

  1. Dr.R.K.D.Goel

    In the developing India and with our present Indian Consitution of Secularism, my hard core hindu saffron brothers can’t survive. If we want hindu should survive our saffron parivar has to be moderate and should follow respected Atulji soft hindutava policy.

    Narendra Modi is doing best to develop Gujarat and India. But his Post Godhra genocide is not leaving Modi.
    My hard core saffron brothers taking India and Sanantan Dharam hindus to ——Be aware from these —– so called followers of Hindutava.

  2. Dr.R.K.D.Goel

    Till we have our present Indian Constitution of Seculrism my hard core sffaron parivar will not have any place in India. Follow Mr. Atalji’s policy of soft hindutava.

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