Time for Indian Christian Sena

Bajrang Dal acually means Army of Hanuman
Shiv Sena– Shiva’s Army
Ranvir Sena– Army of Ranvir
Now its time for christians in India to wake up and set up All India Christian Network to counter the sangh parivar, to defend Christian life, properties and churches.
In India, when you defend your rights they will label you a terrorist and they will use that excuse to murder you or do some staged encounters which they are very good at. The best thing you can do, I feel is spread awareness about this, catch the politicians on their every lie like Modi’s vibrant Gujrat which turned on to be a farce but still majority believes he made a economic miracle there, stop their wild rumors.
Be political, take part in the political process, be part of the govt, the police, army etc. Let them remain free to all (otherwise u wont know when things happen, the police attacked and herded the Muslims for the mobs in Gujarat)…. on the extreme end don’t be a soft target, if these goons come to your house to kill your family make sure you take a few of them down with you.
Many people still believe in humanity, and the best thing is to make people respond or to be aware of their inner voice, their consciences. When you travelled round the world you will realise all this religious violence is stupidity, there are more pressing issues. And at the end when you die what’s important is if you were a blessing or a curse. There are so many Indians around the world and when these goons try to force us out from our homes because of our difference in religion, you cant help wonder what if all the Indians where forced of those countries and all the so called aliens were forced out of India….. who would benefit most? In places like Kenya, Hong Kong, America, malaysia, Mauritius.. Indians hold a lot of wealth and it is their right as they have sweated for it.

Source: http://www.sikhlionz.com/vhprssbjp.htm


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