3 Things You Can Do for a Secular India

Your prayers & gifts to the poor have caught God’s attention (Acts10:3)

I will make this a short email, with a request to forward it to as many Christians as possible. We praise & thank the LORD that –
* Our email newsletter has crossed 17,000 Christians in India & abroad.
* Our Free SMSs which are soon to begin will touch 5000 of the Indian Christian Activists Network – ICAN
* Our publication on Contributions of Christians to India has already drawn response from India & Abroad – as far as Rome!
I would therefore, like to appeal to all who can participate in these community development initiatives to do so – Please don’t wait for a personal invitation, but please volunteer to join in this gigantic task. As a small token of our appreciation, we also want to send you a FREE MP3 CD of over 100 Gospel Songs – If you send us your name, phone & address, anywhere in India.
We have deadlines & limitations, so please help out ASAP, in the best way you can. Here is what You CAN DO –
1) Check your email address book & send us emails of those you think need to receive the newsletters you have been receiving to create a SINGLE NETWORK for the community.
2) Check your cell phones for Indian mobile numbers of Christians, who you think need to keep informed DAILY FREE of attacks/injustices, biblical quotes… and send us such mobile numbers, with either name/email/address
3) Send us an article on the Contributions of Christians to India. The write-up can be on work done by Christian individuals or organisations in any field, which has benefitted the nation. Some suggestions are in the PS at the end of this email. This publication will be the most widely circulated document in India & abroad todate. So be part of making history, by doing a little bit of research.
Finally, please pray for myself  (I suddenly seem to have excrutiating back pain) and the rest in The CSF team, that we may move with God speed to accomplish, what HE wants us to.
With warm personal regards. God Bless.
Your Servant in the Lord’s Service,
Joseph Dias
General Secretary, The CSF
http://www.thecsf.org trinity.cmd@gmail.com
PS: You can write on Individuals (Laity/Priests/Pastors/Politicians/Professionals) or Organisations (Congregations / International / National Groups), who have made Nationally Recognizable Contributions in any/every field you can think of – arts, sports, politics, social, finance, culture, science, medicine, business, economic, education, literature, public life, healthcare, cooperatives, civil services, armed forces, indigenization, schedule castes & tribes, etc.


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