Deflating the “Hindu Moral Police”

Excerpts from Shalini Srivatsan’s Facebook
1. If by preventing love, the Hindu Moral police think that they are protecting Hinduism, I am extremely sorry to prick their balloon but they have no idea about their religion or its beliefs myths or teachings. One need only look at the following examples to see how hypocritical these people are:
a. Krishna, the sole deity accredited with our holiest of all holy books the Bhagvath Gita was known to be promiscuous. On the other hand however, as Ram Sena might argue he was a man, ok so lets leave him out of it, we’ll stick to Radha, Krishna can never be thought of without invoking this loveliest of all gopikas; Radha was never legally or lawfully Krishna’s wife. There is no account of any formal wedding between the two, so please could we all Hindu’s and protectors of Hinduism STOP going the any temple with Radha and Krishna, please STOP reading the Bhagvath Purana as it is Immoral, STOP singing bhajans on Krishna and Radha… Hinduism says:- NO LOVE between sexes unless they are man and wife or brother and sister or father and daughter.which brings to mind another such lowly woman… Meerabhai! Who, married to a Rajput King was in love with Krishna! Oops!! And not just love between a God and Devotee! To her, he was a man and she was his woman… Yikes! No Meera Bhajans Please! and DO STOP calling her a saint!
b. The Mahabarath must be completely wiped off our Hindu annals, it is filled to the brim with love stories; Nala and Damayanti, shakunthala, Satyavan and Savitri to name a few, why even many of the rishis fell in love throughout the epic! Ram Sena can we please destroy this affront to our Hindu culture
c. With talk of love between a man and a woman there must be of course a physical side to it as well. In this case being good Hindus we must first of all go to great Hindu shrines and temples such as the Kajuraho and ascertain that all those carvings there are of married couples only and then of course speaking of morality such displays in public is against our Hindu values (note holding hands in public is not to be tolerated between men and women…) so why not just get rid of the whole damn monument!
d. Parvati fell in “love” with Siva, Lord Venkateshwara aka Vishnu came down to earth simply because he so loved his wife he couldn’t live in heaven without her, Brahma fell in love with his own creation Saraswathi ( who is in fact if you look at it his daughter- moral decadence at its highest I would call it from a “western” perspective) and those are our “not Hindu” trinity!
2. Women, Morals and India Today
Sita is the epitome of the perfect Hindu woman, she followed her husband, didn’t look twice at any man other than him and led a blameless life. She was kidnapped by Ravana, so was she wearing a mini skirt? Or was it that she was with her brother in law (male company hence proving she was immoral and loose and easy prey to all and sundry just like us modern women when we are out and about with our male friends) and Ravana got tempted to kidnap her??? It wasn’t what she was wearing, its just that some men are crooked so how is it OUR fault that we get kidnapped and raped and are looked at like prize horses! Get a grip it has nothing to do with us its to do with HOW you brought your sons up and how you think… maybe when you read the Ramayana you got to highlight the bit about Ravana, not Rama… Ram Sena indeed… I haven’t heard Rama tell his wife she was dressed inappropriately that’s why she was carried off!
Pancha Kanya… “Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara, Mandodari tatha panchakanya svaranityam mahapataka nashaka” The verse claims that remembering the 5 can destroy all sins, and dear Ram Sena isnt it Hindu? But wait… Ahalya married a sage and slept with Indra! Draupadi was a woman with 5 husbands, plus she was SO provocatively dressed in her bed room chambers and came out in the Halls of the Kings with NOTHING But one Piece of Cloth tied around her ( my my how disgraceful!), Kunti was married to one man but had 4 sons whose fathers were not her husband and were all different i.e she slept with 4 men, and Tara and Mandodari stood up and against their husbands actually daring to advice them and tell them off about how they were behaving!! Obviously Ram Sena, your Hinduism and our Hinduism are different ESPECIALLY IN TERMS OF JUDGING MORALS. Morals either in men or women cannot be judged by random factors,and who are we to judge? Is any one of us blameless enough completely and totally, to point fingers?
Ram Sena are also invited to step up the crackdown on men wearing trousers, no shoes please, women now of course since they can no longer wear western outfits should get rid of the sari blouses as that is quite a new concept which came in with the western sewing machine and hooks and buttons and all that, we should only wear a long cloth tied all over us, and of course NO bras ladies; it was first invented in Crete in 2,500BC or some such! Definitely not Hindu! The list actually can go on and on and on… Ram Sena really needs to recruit a lot of people to help them out!
And lastly as for eroding our Hindu culture…. Our Hindu culture is so brittle and weak that it needs violence and extremism to keep it intact, it didn’t survive alone and lonely eons ago, nor did it survive the Alexandrian invasion or the mughal invasion and now it definitely cannot survive the western invasion!! Help us we are SO helpless! And helpless people are helped by beating them and torturing them!! Great Job guys!


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