Change Rama Sena, here comes Sita Sene

BANGALORE: There seems to be a lot in store for Sri Ram Sene and similar groups in Karnataka. If thousands of pink `chaddis’ on Valentine’s Day have not humiliated them enough, they should be prepared for slaps from the newly formed `Sita Sene’. Noted author Shobhaa De, who’s considered a lead campaigner for women’s liberty, has formed the Sita Sene. The group will gather volunteers — men and women — in Mumbai and meet at the Gateway of India on March 8, International Women’s Day. They will protest against attacks on women in Bangalore and Mangalore.
“We’ve started something that means a lot to me. I’m sure it also means a lot to countless men and women who are shocked and saddened by what happened in Mangalore and Bangalore,” she told TOI. “If we don’t speak up now, chances are these sort of attacks against defenceless women will continue and the perpetrators will get stronger.”
She has outlined her plans on her blog. It stated that a strong action plan should be formulated, such a helpline for women in distress and other measures. “I read the reports of fresh attacks on women in Bangalore and felt sickened. `This must stop!’ I said to myself,” she explained.
“The idea of launching a Sita Sena to counter the Ravanas came to me in a flash. I communicated it to my dear, dear `blogdost’ Aham, who immediately swung into action and created a site. His plan is to congregate at the Gateway of India on March 8, International Women’s Day,” she wrote on the blog.
The blog also asks for suggestions from readers, which are easy to implement. She warns that citizen’s failure to address this issue might trigger similar violence in other metros as well. “This is why I want the campaign to be a pan-India initiative. And soon we will have several Kabuls sprouting up all over India. Shame the men. Show your contempt. Speak up!”
Source: 5 Mar 2009, 0223 hrs IST, TNN


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One response to “Change Rama Sena, here comes Sita Sene

  1. Crowly Mathew

    It sounds like the name “Valentine Day” indicates something Western or European and it triggers the hateful act of hunting for lovers. May be by next year Valantine day in India may be renamed as Dushantan’s Day, or Shakunthala’s day, the characters from Indian Classics. May be it will legalise the love affairs in the eyes of Rama Sena. Everything is good as far as you don’t move to the extremes, and at extremes everything is bad. Rules are good when they are targeted to the safety and security of society but should not be used as a tool to hunt people. After all rules are for people and they are not tools for sawing hatred and terror.

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