Why there will never be a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

There will NEVER be a Hindu rashtra. This lot of people who are campaigning for a Hindu rashtra are a group of brainless morons. Unfortunately for them Hinduism is not a community religion. It is a personal religion. It does not speak about salvation for all but it seeks salvation for the self.
It is this loss of ego that gives one salvation. Asking for a Hindu rashtra therefore goes completely against Hindu ethos. It also disrespects other traditions and paths to the almighty. Traditions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism have given succor to many countless people and continues to do so not only for people of the said community but to ALL people. India is a fortunate country to have almost all religious traditions as our own. Again to the misfortune of the right wingers, there are hundreds of millions of Hindus like me who will resist any move to make India a Hindu Rashtra. Not for any other community per se but for oursleves first. I am sure we will be joined wholeheartedly by our Christian, Muslim , Buddhist comarades who feel the same way and will protect Hindu interests if there is ever a historical crossroad of a Muslim Rashtra or a Christian Rashtra. What we clearly need is clean water, schools, hospitals and educational institutions.
I truly hope this demand is reflected in this years election. I do not need a temple for my Ram, in Ayodhya or anywhere, for that is not Hinduism, What I do need is an Ayodhya where Hindus Muslims and Christians can all practice and preach their religions freely , go to good schools, have good hospitals and colleges and have electricity and water. That is the Ayodhya, and India my Lord Ram will want. Source: Dr. Hrishikesh Shenoy, UK” MangaloreanCatholics@gmail.com Sat Mar 7, 2009 3:56 am (PST)


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  1. Liberation of the self is liberation of all.

    Think about it…

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