Karnataka Education Minister Puts Pressure on Christian College

“There was a promise on 17 March that in two more day I would give some secret regarding the St Aloysius Pre University College hall-ticket controversy,”  says Fr . Fr Richard Rego. That secret relates to a desire (pressure) expressed by a local politician at the State level to meet the management in order to “sort out the issue” of hall tickets. On 19th March the meeting took place. But he did not want it to be public! He -before the meeting had a very long conversation with the Mangagement- demanded the hall tickets be issued to the students. When pointed out that the Management was only implementing the rules of the Government and every record was kept meticulously, he went on saying that he was looking at it from students’ side! But he was unwilling to put it in writing!!!
When asked for clarification on this and his unnecessary interference in educational institutions in spite of the clean certificate by the DDPUE, he said it was the education minister Kageri behind all this pressure! (the same man who served notice against the minority institutions in August for justifiably closing down the educational institutions!) He pleaded that this be kept confidential! With respect to his “pleas”, I don’t mention all the details, neither his name! Sorry for that! But he did.
The Background

Last year, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri defended the notice served on Christian educational institutions that remained closed on August 29 as a mark of protest against the purported atrocities committed against minorities in Orissa. “There is no need for Christian educational institutions to protest against something that happened in Orissa. Their main responsibility is teaching the children. By such protests, they politicise the school atmosphere,” he said.
He said that the Government was considering taking “strict” action against the institutions that “violated the law” by closing down.
Kageri’s decision to serve notice to Christian educational institutions for shutting down schools and colleges on August 29 in protest against the violence on members of the Christian community in Orissa “smacks of communal hatred,” H.T. Sangliana, MP for Bangalore North, has said. Speaking to presspersons here on Monday, Mr. Sangliana said the utterances showed the Minister’s “immaturity” and “lack of awareness of social issues.” http://richardrego.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/promised-secret-of-19th-march/


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