Why BAN Anti-Catholic Film Angels & Demons?*

The Christian community’s protest against Angels & Demons is reaching its final stage. The Censor Board Screening Committe has seen the film and have issued NO Certificate, in view of the contents of the movie. They have now referred the film to a Revising Committee and as urged upon, by The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF), the chairperson, Smt. Sharmila Tagore will also be present.
In keeping with the High Court ruling, in an earlier writ-petition filed by The CSF, and also Official Guidelines, we have represented to the Censor Board, that in matter pertaining to Catholicism, the opinion of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) should be binding. The Censor Board has therefore asked for 4 representatives of the Catholic Bishops to see the film. The CBCI has also already written to the Censor Board calling for a ban on Angels & Demons. The ball is now in the Catholic Bishops’ court. If after seeing the film, it recommends a ban – Banned it will it be.
We are also given to understand that the Censor Board wants the Church to settle for a Disclaimer, which is why we are sending out this email specially requesting you to WRITE to the CBCI – Catholic Bishops ( cbcipro@gmail.com, ccbi@airtelmail.in, babujoe15@hotmail.com) urging them to BAN Angels & Demons, by sticking to their stand. It will strengthen the CBCI case, in view of the following:
1) The Vatican has condemned it, thousands of Christians on Good Friday prayed & protested (see pics below) publicly against Angels & Demons, the media has widely covered the hurt feelings of the community. This leaves little doubt about how Christians feel – In fact, we don’t even need to see the film, (happy are those who don’t see, yet believe) having read hundreds of anti-Church passages in the book – www.thecsf.org
2) Disclaimers were a bad precedent set with Da Vinci Code & Elizabeth, where after a mere few-seconds mention of the movie as FICTION, the films went on for hours of Catholic-bashing or being anti-Papacy/Christian/Church.  Only Christians could agree to a Disclaimer – No other believers accepted it. Would the hierarchies of other faiths allow such blasphemy, by inserting a disclaimer?
3) We could have stemmed the rot then & agreeing to it again now, in case of Angels & Demons, will usher in a whole series of such films. Corpus Christi – The Body of Christ, which shows a homosexual Jesus is expected next. Surely, we cannot allow these films with disclaimers or saying they are fiction. They are looking for a Disclaimer way out & will happily oblige.
4) In view of the anti-Christian attacks (The CSF documents – 1 everyday, on an average) mushrooming through-out India, Hindutvawadis will use such negative & false propaganda against the community, for all time to come. It will also render futile efforts to get good-clean cinema, encourage films that damage the secular & social fabric of the nation, etc.5) The various sections of IPC and the Criminal & Civil Law of the land are very clear on this count – the movie must be banned, if it hurts religious sentiments. The authorities have no other choice, but banning the film. The only purpose served by allowing such films, is to make millions for the movie-makers, at the cost of hurting minorities & civil society.
6) A ban on Angels & Demons will ensure No More of such films against the Church/Christians/Christianity are released in India. This is our one chance to stop it. Agreeing to a disclaimer will be disastrous also, since the Censor Board will refer to this as a precedent for allowing obnoxious films on other faiths too
We therefore need you to once again impress upon the CBCI the need to be firm about banning the film, in view of the above serious faith issues involved.
With Warm Personal Regards,
Your Servant in the Lord’s Service,
*Joseph Dias, General Secretary, The CSF 09869481357
The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (The CSF) www.thecsf.org
Regd Office : 75, Vakola Village, Off St. Anthony’s Street, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 55.
The CSF is India’s only ISO 9001:2000 certified NGO for ” undertaking community development programmes for human rights, social service, medical aid, education, charity & relief ” of the laity, supported by the clergy. The certification is by the joint accredition service of Australia & New Zealand.



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4 responses to “Why BAN Anti-Catholic Film Angels & Demons?*

  1. Dr John Dayal

    the indian censor board is not a canonical institution, but a secular one
    we must NOT allow the board to abdicate its responsibilities by appealing to it
    the board should decide on its own how it would react if it were a Hindu issue or a Sikh or Muslim issue
    we become library burners and ban seekers otherwise
    how often does the church protest on common films which are injurious to national and personal morality, on civic issues, on degradation of women?
    the church must damn the film without seeking a ban
    as in the case if the book ‘amen’ by the kerala nun
    god bless
    john dayal
    immediate past president all india catholic union [founded 1919]

  2. cmpaul

    Mr John Dayal’s comment makes sense.
    I wonder why the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is passing the buck to the CBCI (Church).
    The CBFC can and should make a decision independent of the CBCI.
    Besides, how come, the CBFC does not have Church representatives on their Advisory Panel?
    They should, do so asap.
    C.M. Paul
    (former member of the CBFC Kolkata Advisory Panel).

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  4. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

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