Its not over yet with Angels & Demons film

The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (The CSF)  agreeing to go by the Catholic Bishops’ decision, only means that subject to certain conditions, the film can be released in India. The Bishops should refuse to sit in judgement & boycott such screenings, since the Censor Board is abdicating its responsibility & is painting the Bishops, as villains. The Censor Board should decide on a film that deals with Christianity, as it would decide a film on any other religion. Its screening committee did that initially & could not certify the film for release. The community could have legitimately taken them on – for we are no second class citizens. The Censor Board chairperson, Sharmila Tagore is off to London for a film shooting & it is already being alleged that mega bucks passed hands to get A&D cleared. There is a possibility that Sony Pictures may not go in for cuts & a disclaimer, since it has not happened the world over. In this case, The CSF has made it clear to the Censor Board & the producers, that A&D cannot be released in India.
The CSF has also filed police complaints against the Censor Board & Sony Pictures, to let them know that, we are serious – no repetition of such stuff. The police is expected to warn them, not to vitiate the peace, with such movies. The impression gaining ground, is that you can show what you want, subject to inserting a disclaimer, claiming it to be fiction. Many find nothing wrong with such films, but almost all such ‘liberal Christians’ are westernised, been abroad or like to ape the west, which they feel is best. What we must not forget is that India & lakhs of Indians, who watch the movies, need guidance and are culturally a traditional & devout lot. Please lets keep it that way, or else Christianity will also be on the decline here, as in the Americas, Australia or Europe.
While India may have materially prospered, that too only in its cities, the Indian mindset is still rural. As Indians, we are still a long way off, before we accept – porn, nudity, violence, beastiality, homosexuality, sex toys, satanic cults…. & other deviant behaviour permitted abroad. Lets refuse to become part-time Christians – only on a Sunday. What you don’t use, you lose. If we don’t use our resources, contacts, talents… to fight those against the faith, can we call ourselves Christians. We would be no different from those in ‘Christian’ countries, with Christian names! The least we can do is to approach the State Minorities Commission / politicians to issue a statement, that Angels & Demons, recording that it has hurt the sentiments of Christians. This is necessary to play our role as equal Indian citizens, whom they need to serve. Let us also build ourselves to tackle larger issues, which will come soon. In the next email, we will deal with some of them. Here is what else The CSF would like you to do :-
* Represent to the Chief Minister of your state to ban A&D locally. This is possible & happened in case of Da Vinci Code, especially in states with substantial Christian population. However, this needs to be done ASAP, we did not advise it earlier, as we thought it would not become necessary.
* Meet your MP, MLAs & politicians, especially from ‘secular’ parties, like Congress, Left, NCP, DMK, BJD…. & ask them urge the Chief Minister not to release the film, in your state. They should also be advised to promote an Anti-Blasphemy Law, which will prevent insults to any religion.
* Urge your Bishop to issue an advisory or a boycott call, inorder that innocent minds are not corrupted. You can use material from The CSF website or call for printed material that is being prepared, to educate Christians & others about the truth. * Educate Christians, especially children & youth, that the Devil is no longer a mythological figure & these are his works. Unopposed trivialisation of our faith and a Chalta Hai attitude, will render our Cathechism & Sunday School worthless. Even adult Christians will soon become irreligious, occupied with this world and worse – convert to being 30 minute Christians in church or outstanding Christians – We all have to give an account to HIM of our deeds, sooner or later.
* At the risk of sermonising & putting off many, we need our shepherds (religious, bishops, pastors, priests, nuns…) to also work on creating a network of Christians & for Christians, besides their preoccupation with social services, administration, establishments, healthcare, education, institutions, property….. Or else it won’t be long, before we have lesser Christians and those who are there, would be managing or running our services for non-Christians. Finally, I want to conclude with an Open Letter to LK Advani, that came from RB Sreekumar, ex-DGP of Gujarat, who took on Narendra Modi and was part of the team that went with us to Orissa, probing the communal violence. He is a devout Hindu IPS officer and quotes freely from Hindu scriptures, to contest the BJP brand of Hindutva, which majority of Hindus do not believe in. While it reassures Indian Christians, it also explains why Muslims prefer to remain as a 16% minority in India, rather than among a 95% majority, in Pakistan. Long Live Secular India – We need to strive to keep it so. Keeping you & your loved ones in our prayers to the LORD for using you, in support of The CSF in the fight for the cause of persecuted Christians in the country.
With Warm Personal Regards,
Your Servant in the Lord’s Service, Sd/- Joseph Dias, General Secretary, The CSF 09869481357


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One response to “Its not over yet with Angels & Demons film

  1. Rather than run pillar to post trying to ban the movie from being screened, why not spend some mind and money on making a short but profound response (in a similar video format) to that… and then post it on youtube or some social site …

    Then encourage people to watch Angels and demons… and lead them to this response and let them decide and believe in what is true and what is false.

    Asking for a ban is only going to do more publicity for the movie!!

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