Need for a new breed of priests

Most of us know why Priests, when transferred to a new parish, will take up construction projects – of pulling down old, strong and beautiful Churches and in their place try to build some “show pieces” which soon start showing up cracks and start leaking in the first monsoon itself.
Apart from Churches, they also like to build halls/ auditoriums, schools, etc., because there is always a little plaque displaying their name on it!
If they were to assess their new Parish and see who are the really poor and needy, the unemployed, the illiterate, and try to help them, there is no place to have a plaque with their name written on it for posterity.
We do not want our Priests to give their parishioners golden eggs or money in charity (unless it is a dire need of the hour), but it would be best if they could give the poor families a golden goose so that they could collect their own golden eggs.
All they would need to do is to assist the poor families with opportunities – for education, (admission, concession in tuition fee, scholarship to meritorious students , etc.) for training, for jobs, so that the poor people are empowered and properly equipped to face their own struggles in life.
When we give away money to the poor, we teach them to be beggars, dependent on someone else, we rob them of their dignity and pride.
Parish Priests, as Shepherds of the flock entrusted to their care, should consider it their sacred duty to meet the spiritual needs of their people, and in the case of the less fortunate ones, also help them with their basic material needs by facilitating their upliftment.
If our Clergy could be less materialistic and more Christian, we could be a better community, a better world.
Matilda Mathias
General Secretary


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  1. allen johannes

    It’s a though-provoking article…a must read for the gen-next priests

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