Brain washing of Meghalaya kids in varna system

Shimoga, Jun 19:  Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji, spiritual head of Ramachandrapur Mutt Hosanagar, has provided shelter and is trying to rekindle hope besides driving home a sense of security among a hundred migrant children from Meghayala state. He has taken upon himself the responsibility of tending and educating them.
During his visit to Meghalaya some time back, the Swamiji was approached by local nomads there, who expressed their concern about the safety and security of their children and sought guidance from him. In tune with the assurance given by him then, Raghaveshwara Swamiji has arranged for providing them the Indian ‘Gurukul’ system of education.
The children, whose average age is between four and five years, arrived at the land and language to which they are strangers, on June 13. The teachers of Gurukul have taken upon themselves the challenge of acclimatizing the children to the new environment, language and customs. The Swamiji is of the opinion that Indian culture can be conserved only when one accepts such challenges. The teachers and students are trying to pick up the language of Meghalaya so that the children would feel at home.
The children from Meghalaya have been provided accommodation in the main building of Hosanagar Mutt. The Swamiji is of the opinion that the Indian way of life can be spread to Meghalaya once the children get education here and go back to their roots to guide the society there?
Daijiworld Media Network – Shimoga (SP)


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