Liberhan Wanted To Extricate Advani

“It Was Apparent That Justice Liberhan Wanted To Extricate Advani From The Babri Demolition”
In 1999, Anupam Gupta, a respected lawyer of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, was appointed counsel for the Liberhan Commission set up to inquire into the Babri Masjid demolition. He left it in 2007 when serious differences cropped up between him and Justice M.S. Liberhan over the role of L.K. Advani in the demolition. Known for his activism against corruption in the judiciary, it was he who raised the stature of the commission from an obscure fact-finding body to the investigation juggernaut it later became, kindling expectations that its final report would be objective, comprehensive and hard-hitting. Stipulated to submit its report within six months, the commission took 17 years and a record 48 extensions to finally submit its report on June 30 this year. Shortly after, Gupta spoke to Chander Suta Dogra on his days with the commission and his differences with the justice over Advani.
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