Opening Film: Polish Nun’s Story by Indian Director

A till from the film "The Last Appeal" - life of Sr. Fasutina Kowalska of the Divine Mercy devotion

NIEPOKALANOW, Warsaw, Poland  — The Last Appeal, is the opening film at the Niepokalanow silver jubilee of Catholic International film festival 27 to 30 May. It is a 33 minute film written, produced and directed by Fr Bala Udumala M.F.A. Shot in black and white, the film portrays the story of a peasant girl, Helen whom Jesus has chosen to bring the message of His mercy to mankind in preparation for The Last Day – The Day of Judgment.
The drama unfolds through the revelations and visions of God to Helen Kowalska. The story of Helen brings vividly to light the struggles she went through in the process of delivering the message through the humble life of a nun in a convent in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century.
Andrea Syglowski, a young artist of Polish origin has brought Sr. Faustina Kowalska to life again on screen with her astounding performance. Caitlin Moreland plays the role of Sr. Mary to everyone’s delight with her honest, down to earth and impeccable character.

Sr Faustina Kowlaska's story

The Last Appeal is a compelling message of Divine Mercy for our time that has already touched million of souls and continues to do so in the Third Millennium bringing hope and spreading love to many. The great legendary of our times, Pope John Paul II has canonized her as the Saint of the New Millennium on April 30, 2000. The film is made in English language and has been dubbed into Spanish, Telugu, Hindi. Malayalam and Tamil dubbing is on the way.
Bala Udumala is a priest of the diocese of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, South India. He holds Masters in Sociology and Education. Ordained in 1992 a social worker for 12 long years for the empowerment of the poor and the women in the remote areas of the diocese, and as an educator served as principal of a High School for six years. He has written a book Study Skills for the High School and college students. He went to the US in 2004 and after a year of pastoral ministry at Santa Maria, he joined the School of Film and Television at Loyola Mary Mount University, LA. He graduated in May, 2008.
Other films to his credit like a short on Abortion – Mama -a real story that happened not too long ago in Italy of a Mother, whose seven un-born babies haunt her all life and a documentary on abortion After the Choice a real tale of life experiences of what they have been through as moms and dads in the limbo.
He has created a dance ballet on Mother TeresaJesus walks a second time in the streets of Calcutta and has given numerous performances in India.
The Last Appeal film has bagged The Las Vegas International Film Festival Award – 2009 where films from 50 countries competed.
In the Niepokalanow (City of the Immaculate) silver jubilee festival there are 17 2 films and some 40 Radio programmes from 20 countries. Besides feature film, five other categories of the competition are: documentary, educational, television and catechetical amateur films. The festival also features multimedia, radio and YouTube productions.


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