With Don Bosco on the Hill of the Beatitudes

Sisters in front of Our Lady in the recently restored lower church of Colle Don Bosco minor Basilica.

Colle Don Bosco, Becchi – The Sisters of the Project Mornese headed for Becchi, the birth place of Don Bosco and the cradle of Salesian Charism, 7th June. On the hill of the Beatitudes (Colle Don Bosco) the group experienced how the Bosco family under the leadership of John Bosco’s widowed mother affectionately called Mamma Margaret by Don Bosco’s boys raised her three children on “be attitude” principles.
After a visit to the newly restored lower church, the group visited the recently declared minor Basilica dedicated to Don Bosco, the upper church.  Then they moved on to visit the spot of Johny Bosco’s dream at nine years of age.

With DB in front of the Tempio at Colle, Becchi.

They had an extensive visit of Don Bosco’s house which he would proudly show to his boys vacationing from Turin, as La mia casa – my house. The Sisters visited the exhibition put up adjacent to DB’s original home which has two room and a stable down stairs with two bed rooms upstairs for the boys and Mother Margaret as well as a third – hayloft.
Another museum worth the visit in Colle is the agricultural museum of 19th century Piedmont along with his brother Joseph’s house where Don Bosco had his study and bed room, while he and his boys came to spend their summer vacation in Becchi. Incidentally, Joseph Bosco had to put up a bigger oven outside to prepare bead for Don Bosco’s boys.
Also, the Missionary museum is worth a visit; however it opens only after siesta time.
After a noon Mass in the adjacent little Church of Our Lady Help of Christians, the group had lunch from Mamma Margaret’s restaurant run by Salesian Cooperators.
After a short visit to the souvenir shop, and offering Mass intentions for the welfare of their respective communities, the Sisters left for Morialdo the place of Fr Calosso whom John Bosco in his early teens, met one evening en route from Buttigliera and the valley at the foot of Morialdo. Fr Calosso, was so impressed by John Bosco, that he asked him to visit him at Morialdo the following Sunday with his mother. Later Fr Calosso, agreed to take him daily lessons in Latin as well as left him monies for his studies. Unfortunately, Fr Calosso died in less than a year and his relatives claimed the deceased priest’s possessions leaving John Bosco with shattered dreams.

Before St Dominic Savio's tomb at Mondonio.

The last place, the Sisters visited for the day was Mondonio, St Dominic Savio’s home where his father had his blacksmith’s shop and his mother had her tailoring shop. Dominic fell ill at Valdocco and died at the age of 15 in this home and is buried some 500 meters away in a little chapel.
Tuesday, the group will visit Chieri town in the morning where John Bosco had his schooling and in the afternoon, they will visit the basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Vadocco.


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  1. Vincent D Souza

    Wonderful idea – to blog the experience.
    A social document this can be!!

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