Italian Book on Indian Educative Principles and Values

Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB

ROME – A new book on Indian educative principles and values in Italian language by an Indian professor at the Salesian University (UPS) Rome is ready for release shortly. This is the second book launched on Indian topic in Italian language written by an Indian professor!
The 358 page book entitled “Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana” by former Dean of the UPS Philosophy Faculty Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil SDB is being published under the Edizioni Progetto Cultura Collana Quaderna di Ricerca.
Prof Thuruthiyil has 13 books to his credit over a period of 22 years. Starting from his first book published in 1988, the author has five books published solo (2 in English and 3 in Italian). He has co-authored 2 books in Italian, 5 in Malayalam and one in English.
“The latest book is meant for all those interested in value education and moral formation: parents, teachers and also students (university)”, says Professor Thuruthiyil stating that the language it is published in will serve especially the Italian public (teachers, educators) who are interested to know about education in India and in the Indian tradition.
The author’s main contention in the book is that “Education is a continuous learning process that helps an individual to live his life in the best and most complete way possible, with dignity and freedom. This process involves many, especially parents and educators who help their pupils in their formation.”

Indian Educational Principles and Values

In the current volume the author presents the most important principles on which are founded the educational systems of Hinduism and Buddhism. He also touches upon educational systems of traditional and modern India. Special feature of the book is presenting the contributions of important Indian educators like Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave and Jiddu Krishnamurti.
The freshness of the book is in calling the attention of educators and others interested in imparting values (human rights, peace, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, cultural values) that the author thinks are important for an integral formation of students.
The author further proposes the Catholic Church in India actively engaged in the mission of education as a model for those engaged in education.
The book divided into three sections has 14 chapters.

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17 responses to “Italian Book on Indian Educative Principles and Values

  1. Dr. Paulson

    Dr. Thuruthiyil’s outstanding contribution as cultural ambassador of the hallowed and ancient Indian educational traditions deserve national recognition – a Padmashri Award, the least!

  2. C. M. Paul

    Dr. Scaria Thuruthyil’s two other books published in Italian language are:
    1) THURUTHIYIL S., Persona nella tradizione indiana. I più importanti protagonisti del ventesimo secolo, Roma, Bulzoni Editore, 2007, pp. 192.
    2) THURUTHIYIL SCARIA (ed.), La fede in un’epoca di pluralismo. “Cronache e commenti” 7, Roma, LAS, 1997.
    Two other books of joint edition in Italian language are:
    MANTOVANI M.- THURUTHIYIL S.- TOSO M., (Edd.), Fides et ratio. Composizione, opposizione?, Roma, LAS, 1999.
    MANTOVANI MAURO – THURUTHIYIL SCARIA (edd.), Quale globalizzazione? L’”uomo planetario” alle soglie della mondialità, Roma, LAS 2000, pp. 254.

  3. Ancy S DSouza, Paladka

    Congratulations Prof. Scaria Thuruthiyil, SDB for your efforts and for your contributions.

  4. george pattery,s.j.

    Hearty congratualtions to Prof.Scaria for this magnificent contribution. His work of many years in teaching, critiquing and developing modern Indian thought has resulted in this work. This is important for a fast globalizing knowledge world…best wishes..

  5. jose anikuzhikattil SDB

    Fr Scaria,
    Congratulations !!! That is a wonderful achievement in your ministry at UPS
    We appreciate your great work
    May you continue your good work

  6. Congrats, dear Scariaji! It is high time we provided material from the Indian setting which others can learn from. So much of the “exchange” of ideas between East and West has been one-sided–the West as the teacher, the rest as learners. May your book help to clarify concepts, invite dialogue and help all of us to re-think education more creatively.

  7. Vatcis

    Wow! That’s another feather added to the cap. Congratulations, Fr Scaria! I think that a book of this nature, introducing the principles of education and values, will find wide readership in the Italian educational system. It is a step in the right direction.

  8. Olympio

    Dear Zac,
    Congratulations on another book, this one crossing and amalgamating continental barriers in the field of learning. You make us all proud! This is definitely worthy of international recognition!!

  9. Moncy John

    Congrats to Fr. Scaria,

    This is a commendable initiative in the right direction … to spread the values of Indian education.

  10. Francis Moonnamvayalil

    Dear Scaria,
    Hearty Congratulations to you on your new book.The west has learnt that India can contribute much in the spiritual field and now with your new book you are making people aware that it can also do that in the Educational field.Whater the modern changes bring about in other countries India has some basic ideals I feel which are longlasting and will continue to stay on inspite of globalization and you are pointing out some of them.

  11. I agree with the comment of Joe, and congratulate Scaria, for his persistent and consistent approach in making a voice heard, gently and persuasively.

    Well, the next generation will find the task easier.

  12. Francis Moonnamvayalil

    Dear Scaria,
    Congratulations to you for bringing out a book on Indian principles of education and that too in Italian.It only confirms the fact that India has something enduring to offer to other people also in the field of education. We are proud of you. Excelsior.

  13. Abp D Jala

    Congratulations Dr. Scaria for building a bridge to connect precious Indian heritage and the Italian people.

  14. Felix Fernandes

    Dear Fr. Scaria,
    CONGRATULATIONS to you on your latest book on Education, seen from the Indian perspective, in the Italian language.
    You make us proud!

  15. Trophy D'Souza

    Hi Rev Scaria
    Congrats on your new book, which I think is a valuable contribution to the global scene on education, especially as an analytical view from the Eastern and more precisely Indian perspective. I’m sure it is also timely for all the re-thinking and more open dialogue taking place in educational circles.

  16. James Veliath

    Reverend and dear Fr Scaria,

    Congratulations on your new book!

    I am sure that “Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana” will give a better understanding to the west on educational systems of traditional and modern India.

    As you have proposed in your book, the Catholic Church in India actively engaged in the mission of education as a model for those engaged in the filed of education. Yes, the Church in India has done a lot in the field of education now with an educational policy guideline developed by the Commission for Education and Culture of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India headed by Fr Kuriala Chittatukalam another Salesian.

    We are also proud to have some one from the small village ‘Poovathode’ to write in Italian language.


    James Veliath
    New Delhi

  17. Congratulations, Fr Scaria!

    It is a matter of pride for us that you have been consistently taking India and her vast riches in thought and values to the West…

    Dismissive and patronizing attitudes that have so long characterized the popular Western mentality towards Indian thought and scholarship are beginning to change… especially with the new found respectability that the nation has gained recently in the international arena as a result of our economic power… a good time to put across more such works…

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