Fr Thuruthiyil Made Rector of Professors’ Community at UPS Rome

Prof Scaria Thuruthiyil SDB

ROME – The Superior of the Universita’ Pontificia Salesiana (UPS) Vice-province communicated, 21 June, Prof Scaria Thuruthiyil as Rector of  UPS Dominic Savio professor’s community. He succeeds eminent professor Fr Morand Wirth during whose tenure Fr Thuruthiyil was the Catechist.
The official announcement reads: “The Rector Major with his Council has approved the nomination of  Fr. Thuruthiyil Scaria, as new Rector of the community of S. Dominic Savio” for a triennium 2010-1013. To him goes our congratulations and wishes for the service of guide and animator of the community and of the confreres”.
One of the features Fr Thuruthiyil, formerly of Kolkata province, introduced as catechist in his community was the weekly Saturday afternoon outings for the elderly confreres who were confined to the infirmary and could venture out, if provided the occasion.
Former dean of UPS Philosophy Faculty Fr Sacria is also an accomplished author of 13 books in English, Italian and Malayalam.
A new book on Indian educative principles and values in Italian language by an Indian professor at the Salesian University (UPS) Rome is ready for release shortly. This is the second book launched on Indian topic in Italian language by Prof Thuruthiyil.The 358 page book entitled “Principi e valori educativi, nella tradizione Indiana” is being published under the Edizioni Progetto Cultura Collana Quaderna di Ricerca.
Born in the diocese of Pala, Kerala in 1947, Fr Thuruthiyil studied in Bandel, Salesian College Sonada Darjeeling, UPS Rome and Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth Pune.  In 1972 as professor of Philosophy at Salesian College, Yercaud, Tamilnadu, Prof Thuruthiyil founded the SSGY (Social Service Guild Yercaud) – an organization of Religious men and women of Yercaud formed to coordinate various initiatives for the poor of the region. The SSGY continues to be a well-run organization to date.
He was ordained priest in Pala (1977) and was appointed Administrator and vice Rector at Don Bosco Tech Delhi and became professor of Philosophy at Salesian College Sonada (1981-1984). After completing doctorate in Philospohy from UPS Rome, Fr Thuruthiyil returned Kolkata where he worked as assistant parish priest at Kalyani and professor of Philosophy at the Morning Star College regional seminary Calcutta where seminarians from 28 dioceses studied.
From 1988 Prof Thuruthiyil has been at the UPS Rome as well invited professor at the Università di Roma, La Sapienza, Dept. of Ethnic Religions (2003 onwards). From 2004 he also lectures at BEDA Pontifical College (Philosophical Anthropology and History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy) Rome.
Among over 40 Salesians from India in the UPS-Rome Vice-Province are the Superior (Fr Joaquim D`Souza, INB) and Rector of Don Rua community (Fr Jose Chunkapura, INC). There are also 12 Professors and over 30 Salesian students spread out among eight communities in the vice-province.



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3 responses to “Fr Thuruthiyil Made Rector of Professors’ Community at UPS Rome

  1. Vatcis

    Congrats, Fr Scaria! This is yet another recognition of your capability. I wish you God’s blessings and a smooth sail, and to many more terms ahead!

  2. Manju George

    Hello….. unclepappan…..!

  3. Cogras fr. Scaria. Wish you all the best……………….

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