St Maria Domenica Mazzarello Visits Project Mornese Sisters

Sr Rita Fernandes as Mazzarello with animators

MORNESE, N. Italy (C.M. Paul) – St Maria Domenica Mazzarello paid a visit to her first house and the place of her first religious profession, 27th June. It was at the conclusion of the thanksgiving Eucharist in the evening she made her appearance. She talked to the Project Mornese English speaking group of 29 Sisters and two animators and their chaplain. The Sisters belonged to 10 countries and 16 provinces from three continents of North America, Asia and Europe. The month-long journey of re-discovering their Christian faith and religious charism had three phases: Rome, Turin and Mornese.
Mother Mazzarello congratulated the animators of the group Sr Maire and Sr Edna Mary for their relentless efforts in accompaniment of the group as well as imparting first hand experience on the spirituality of the Salesian Sisters.

L to R: Animators Edna & Maire, chaplain C.M. Paul

St Maria Mazzarello was fascinated by the fact the group spent a lot of time studying her letters and visiting the places she frequented with her Sisters and girls. Of special mention was the Roverno water front where she spent the whole day every week doing the laundry. Mother Mazzarello had also words of praise for the chaplain who according to her “proved a worthy son of Don Bosco with his simple and affable ways and ready willingness to adapt to the Sisters just like a brother.”
After the mass, the group gathered for felicitation of the animators and the chaplain. The group welcomed them with the song “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Sr Loretta, on behalf of the group gave reasons why the three (Maire, Edna and Paul) be declared saints. Among other supposed virtues, she mentioned their indefatigable zeal and performance in journeying with the project Mornese group. Besides felicitating the three with song and dance, Sisters hailing from various provinces presented surprise gifts too.

Project Mornese English speaking group June 2010

After dinner, the group gathered again with the Sisters of the Mornese Collegio community to felicitate them and thank them for the wonderful hospitality. Besides PowerPoint presentation of the month-long spiritual journey with the song “Miracles Do Happen,” there were two Indian dances, Samoan dance and three group songs on Mornese spirituality. After mutual exchange of gifts, the superior Sr Candida presented each one with Mother Mazzarello key chain and gelato.
28 June, the group will make a day trip to Nizza, to where Mother Mazzarello moved to when she left Mornese Collegio.


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