Priest “Embedded” with Sisters Grabs Eye-balls

Fr. C.M. Paul with Project Mornese animators & Kolkata participants

ROME – The Bangkok based Asian Catholic news agency published 4th June 2010 an article under the headline “Salesian priest ‘embedded’ with the sisters.” It was a story put together in Bangkok from my blog on project Mornese in It was subsequently published in and and several others. Not only that, has still [1st July] on their home page with link and write up on my blog “NewsGrab”. I was amazed by the flutter (interest) the article on “embedded” priest created among my “friends”.
The 31 English speaking Sisters who daily followed my blog and sent the link to their friends had no problem with the word. They hailed from three continents, ten countries and 16 provinces. May be they did not understand the meaning of the word!
Soon after the piece appeared on UCAN site, I got a letter from a concerned friend who wrote “I read the UCAN story calling you an “embedded” journalist. Worse still you are embedded with the Sisters. The term is pejorative and is used with misuse of journalism for propaganda purpose. I would not like to see you as an embedded journalist even if you are with good FMAs.” That was a compliment to the Sisters and my writing talent, which my friend did not want to see tarnished with “propaganda” writing. Fare enough!
Some other well informed “friends” in the Salesian University Rome and even in the Social Communications Faculty had a debate on the word “embedded” accusing me of seeking sensationalism.
Anyone reading through the piece will see that there is nothing sensational other than the word in the headline which definitely worked to grab their eye balls… normally the same guys would flip over such drab piece on a renewal programme by a bunch of nuns! Compliment is due the copy editor and headline writer at the UCAN office. The headline worked, buddy!
If so, why should there be any grudge… The piece got noticed and read because it had an eye-ball grabbing word. Or is it a matter of attitude, bias or perverse perception!
“Seems a very childish 14-year-old-boy-behind-the-bike-shed response to a word that includes “bed” but doesn’t have anything to do with it. Says some alarming things about how their [my “friends”] minds work. Just nuts!” responds Bill Condie UCAN editor in Bangkok who used the word in the story.
“It was a nice little joke based on journalists in the Iraq war attached to fighting platoons.
I don’t think they [my detractors] quite get what sensational journalism is if they think this is,” explains the Australian journalist, who heads UCAN editorial operations as news editor. Condie has “spent 30 years in British secular press.”
Those who missed the eyeball grabber may do a Google search on “embedded priest” or just click the link below.

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