Fr. Jim Borst Served Quit India Order

Fr Jim Borst MHM

Dutch missionary Fr Jim Borst, the only Mill Hill Missionary serving in the Kashmir Valley since 1963 has been served a notice by the Foreigners Registration Officer, Kashmir to quit India by July 2010. There has been a systematic campaign not only of calumny but also terror against Fr Borst as terrorists attacked his educational institution Good Shepherd School, Pulwama on two occasions in a row in 2003. It is only too well known that a section of the Muslim intelligentsia which is also running many schools in the same vicinity where the Catholic missionary has been running his school, have been campaigning against Good Shepherd School. Its underlying grudge is that the schools run by them are not in a position to compete with the school run by the missionary. Since there would be no purchasers of that grudge, it has been giving currency to the idea since 2003 that Good Shepherd School was carrying out conversions of the local population in the name of providing education.
The Mill Hill Missionaries have been pioneers in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the field of arranging education and health care facilities since 1891-92 and there is no trace of evidence yet to confirm that the percentage population of Christians has grown to more than what it was a century earlier. Fr Borst has been Principal at the St. Joseph’s School, Baramulla and the Burn Hall School, Srinagar.
It is true that Dr.Farooq Abdullah to Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and the present Chief Minister Omar Abdullah all are the products of the schools started by the missionaries both the Catholic and Protestant.
I am reminded of the days of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi when the Swiss Augustinian missionaries in St Augustine’s school Kalimpong (N.Bengal) were served quit India order on the pretext of “national security”. When their appeal to reason and hallowed constitutional rights did not prevail, the missionaries approached their home department which deftly intervened by threatening to freeze Indiraji’s Swiss Bank accounts… And presto, the missionaries were served a fresh letter from the Home Ministry praising their work among the hill tribe!!!


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