Who Betrayed Mother Teresa?

Dr Gezim Alpion

KOLKATA (C.M. Paul) – A fellow Albanian research scholar and author of several bestsellers claims Mother Teresa of Calcutta was betrayed by religious colleagues when she confided in them that she did not believe in God.
“Mother Teresa was betrayed by the people she trusted most,” University of Birmingham academic Dr Gezim Alpion reveals.
“This is not the only betrayal I address in my research. She was one of the most remarkable inquisitive religious personalities of the twentieth century and she was poorly served by religious colleagues who tried in vain to brainwash her with stale arguments when she confided in them that she did not believe in God,” reports a press release by the University of Birmingham Press Office.
The study highlights similarities and differences between Mother Teresa’s ‘dark night of the soul’ and the spiritual darkness experienced by medieval writers such as Richeldis of Faverches and Hidegard of Bingen as well as St John of the Cross, St Teresa of Ávila and St Thérèse of Lisieux. This is the first sociological study of Mother Teresa’s controversial confessions about her troubled faith.
Findings of the research will be published in a new book ‘Who Betrayed Mother Teresa? – Faith and Disbelief in Postmodernity’, in 2011.
In his previous book ‘Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity?’ (Routledge, 2007; also published in Italian by Salerno Editrice in 2008), Dr Alpion explores the traumatic impact her father’s sudden death had on Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (the nun’s original name) when she was 9, and her efforts to replace her biological father with a divine father.
In the new study, Alpion also identifies and analyses some of the reasons for the missionary’s insistence to keep quiet about her personal life and especially of her lifetime failed efforts to convince the church to destroy her letters, diaries and written confessions in possession of her spiritual fathers.
Alpion’s current research is the first academic study approaching Mother Teresa’s wavering faith neither from the point of view of creationists nor from the point of view of evolutionists and atheists.
In this work Alpion refers to the correspondence he has had over the last three years on Mother Teresa’s lack of faith with Pope Benedict XVI and several confessors of Mother Teresa.
Dr Alpion will shortly start giving lectures around the world, where, as in the case of his other studies, he intends to introduce his findings to academic audiences interested in the sociology of religion.
“This is probably the most difficult work I will ever write in my life,” says Alpion, “I have done a lot of soul-searching since 2003 when I first took a keen interest in Mother Teresa. The lectures will serve as a platform to discuss the validity of my claims before the publication of the book.”


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