Delhi Protest against anti-Christian attacks in Kandhamal 2008

Anti-Christian attacks in Kandhamal 2008

NEW DELHI: The National Solidarity Forum, a countrywide platform of concerned civil society organisations, will observe “Kandhamal Day” on August 25 to protest against organised violence on Christian minorities in Orissa.
Quoting human rights groups, the Forum said violence against the Christian minority in the Kandhamal region of Orissa had resulted in killing of women, differently-abled people, children, adivasis and dalits.
“Women have been criminally assaulted. Churches big and small have been destroyed. Schools, colleges and offices of five non-government organisations have been damaged. They are yet to get justice or rehabilitation,” said Forum spokesperson at a press conference here.
People’s tribunal
The Forum plans to organise a national-level people’s tribunal on August 22, 23 and 24 at the Constitution Club in Delhi. The tribunal would assess the role, conduct and responsibility of various organisations, group of persons in escalating violence.
It will also assess the role played by the administration and police before, during and after the violence.
Various aspects of problems faced by the victims and survivors of violence would be studied and analysed by the tribunal.
Measures for reparation, peace-building, justice delivery, prevention of communal violence and strengthening secularism would also be recommended by the tribunal.
A panel of jury members comprising persons of national repute will spearhead the entire process that would include review of relevant documents and reports, field studies, hearing testimonies of survivors, witnesses, victims, human rights activists, government representatives and local organisations.

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