BBC Grants MTIFF 2010 Permission for 1st Mother Teresa Film

KOLKATA (C.M. Paul) – Media reports about the first ever (1969) Mother Teresa Film “Something Beautiful for God” not being part of 3rd Mother Teresa international Film Festival to be hosted next Thursday (26-29 August) in Kolkata made British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) officials look up e-mail sent to two months ago (20 June) and quickly respond.
“Thank you for your email to Mark Thompson.  I am replying on Mr Thompson’s behalf because he is currently on leave.  Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding,” writes Correspondence Manager James Holton from BBC Director General’s Office, 19 August.
Mr. Holton continues,” I am pleased to inform you that the BBC does not have any objection to “Something Beautiful for God” being screened at your Festival – however the BBC has a duty to remain impartial and must not be seen to be endorsing your Film Festival.”
“We must therefore request that the Festival does not make any reference to the BBC which might suggest that we are supporting or endorsing the event,” insists Mr. Holton.

Mother Teresa & Malcolm Muggeridge - file photo

“This is indeed a great service to the people of Kolkata who have never had the opportunity to see the 1st film ever made on Ma of the city,” says director of MTIFF 2010 Mr. Sunil Lucas in his reply to BBC.
Even though the screening schedule has already been drawn up and all the 15 films have been cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification for the Kolkata edition of MTIFF 2010, Mr Lucas adds, “we will try to squeeze in a special screening of the film during the event.”
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