Nandan CEO Goes Back on His Word, Mother Teresa’s Children Left Out

(Left) Nandan CEO at MTIFF2010 inaugural.

KOLKATA (C.M. Paul) – “Whether elephants make love or war, it is the grass that suffers,” says an old African proverb. In a follow up of the on going bureaucratic hitches, the Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) 2010 has suffered a major jolt. In a last minute handwritten letter from Nandan CEO Mr. Nilanjan Chatterjee dated 26 August (5.50 pm) to MTIFF 2010 director states in clear terms the withdrawal of permission earlier granted for the full use of Nandan 1 (1 to 8 pm) for all four days. The fully booked week-end screenings is now arbitrarily reduced to 2.30 hours (from 1 pm to 3.30 pm) instead of to 8 pm). Large numbers of inmates from Mother Teresa’s homes coming by buses may have to be left without show. Nandan 1 accommodates about one thousand people while the other three halls are much smaller halls and all the shows scheduled.
Mr Chatterjee has gone on record granting permission for the use of Nandan 1 as he endorsed the 50 screenings at the Press Conference held in Nandan 4, on 9 August. He was also captured on video by Signis Video Journalists who interviewed him on the up-coming festival. Besides, the Nandan CEO was also at the festival inaugural session.
Meanwhile, organizers have a major problem at hand to hire halls last minute to accommodate the huge week-end crowds that plan to come for the festival.

Chatterjee's letter of 26/8, 5.50 pm

Mr. Chatterjee letter to MTIFF2010 director reads:
Dear Mr Sunil Lucas,
I am to inform you that I’ve been verbally communicated by the authorities of I & CA Dept. Gov. of W.B. that subsequent to the previou order issued wit regard to the aforementioned festival. nandan I is further allotted to you for screening the films of your festival on 27 August only.
There will be commercial shows as usual on Sunday 28.08.10 at Nandan 1 by us.
On 29.08.10 you could utilize nandan 1 auditorium from noon hours till 3.30 pm. And we will ru n our commercial shows therefrom 4.15 on wards as usual.
So, please re-schedule your programme accordingly and let your visitors and participants be communicated effectively so that no communication gap occurs in this regard. Etc…
Mr. N. Chatterjee etc.
This last minute hitch has caused much heartburn for MTIFF organizers who huddled in to make alternative plans to honour their commitment to Mother Teresa’s children and inmates who will come in large numbers form her homes.
Wait and see what more “lunatic” decisions will come from CEO’s office!


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One response to “Nandan CEO Goes Back on His Word, Mother Teresa’s Children Left Out

  1. Dr. K.P. Paulson

    This was not at all expected of a “pro poor” Marxist government, who solidly supported Mother Teresa and her work for the poorest of the poor. Now that Mother is gone, her children are bereft of her dogged presence and comforting deeds to bring smile to otherwise grey and grim days.
    The CEO’s whimsical decision has taken out the long awaited joy ride of in mates to Nandan to be part of the international film festival… They will still come in their buses with eager expectation… but would they find seat in the already over booked week-end screenings?

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