Video Journalists Make Mother Teresa Go Global

VJs go live with laptop & webcam at MTIFF2010

KOLKATA  (C.M.Paul) – Thanks to a dedicated team of student video journalists (VJ), Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) 2010 has gone Live making it possible for a global audience to follow the Kolkata events celebrating Mother’s birth centenary via internet. Their daily broadcast segments over past three weeks included testimonies on Mother Teresa from both celebrities and people on the streets of Kolkata, festival screening presentations by directors of the films, the open forum and press conference daily between 4 pm and 5.30 pm on all four days held at Nandan Hall 3.
“We just want have fun doing something for Mother,” says their coordinator Mr. Farrell Shah. Besides, designing the state of the art official site and running three channels of FEST TV Mr. Shah has also coordinated the final packaging of the testimonies collected by four teams of VJs. Their production is called BLUE STRIPES and can be accessed on under “mtiff2010” search word.
The VJs will submit Mother Teresa testimonies collected over a period of three-week road shows on the VJ bus. It will be handed over to the Missionaries of Charity at the MTIFF concluding ceremony , 29 August at Nandan, Kolkata Film Centre.
In the run-up to MTIFF2010 some 25 media students of three city institutes undertook this novel exercise – filming the woman and man on the street as they recount their brush – and love for Mother.

Blue Stripes VJs at MTIFF venue Don Bosco Calcutta

The Blue Stripes production featured on MTIFF2010’s FestTV has 11 episodes of the VJs edited video capsules. The raw footages running into scores of hours of interviews with Kolkata citizens both the celebrities and ordinary people of the street will be handed over to Fr Brian MC, the postulator general of the cause for Mother Teresa’s sainthood.
More episodes are expected to be to be put up on YouTube, where they will reach out to a global audience.
The 3rd MTIFF, a four day event held in four halls of Nandan Film Centre, 26-29 August had SIGNIS India, the Catholic Church’s international organization for communication designating the students “Video Journalists.” The four VJ teams were backed up by a “professional” inter-college VJ crew who edited and anchored the episodes into 5 to 6 minutes segments and aired on FestTV’s dedicated channel.
Participating VJ institutes were St. Xavier’s CollegeChitrabani and Assembly of God. Though the students are young – on the average they were 10 years old when Mother died – they are enthusiastic far beyond the credits promised by their institutions.
Besides the opportunity to be mentored by professionals in a “live” environment, they feel good to be part of and extend the “something beautiful” Mother had created, through this work.
“For me this is more than just a project out of which I can get credits. I believe God has set this up and I did my best for it!” says Shonali Rice, one of the VJs and presenter for the videos on the Festival’s website, END


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