No deity will preside on that damned, disputed and desecrated land


Kar Sevaks celebrating demolition of Babri Masjid, 6 December 1992


(C.M. Paul) – Come 28th September 2010, the over due and much delayed verdict will be pronounced on Ram Temple-Babri Masjid land. Crores of tax payers’ money has been wasted protecting that cursed land, past 18 years! Even today a three layer security bandobust is in place!
Both parties (sections of Hindus and Muslims) are determined to build a house for god (allah) on that damn, disputed and desecrated spot where on 6 December 1992, thousands of Kar Sevaks led by none other than India’s “prime minister in waiting” (L.K. Advaniji) tore down the Muslim hallowed spot calling on god Ram. In its wake they allegedly killed 17 Muslims in Ayodhya and burnt down 450 shops, punishing Muslims for the sins of their forefathers.
Whatever the verdict comes now and whomever it favours to build a house for which ever god… no deity worth his name (Ram or Allah) will deign to preside on that cursed spot soaked in blood and where seeds of hatred have been sown over the years…
I am reminded of what Mother Teresa of Calcutta, as a concerned citizen of India, wanted to do when there was the post-demolition national consultation on what to do with that land! She approached the then archbishop of Calcutta Dr Henry D’Souza (now archbishop emeritus living in Kolkata) to accompany her to New Delhi and make her proposal to then Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao to lease the disputed property to her so that she could serve the poorest of the poor of all communities from there. She wanted to spread love and compassion where once blood and tears soaked the earth in which seeds of hatred were planted! After all she had the track record of doing the same from Kalighat Nirmal Hriday (Home for the Dying) from the sanctum sanctorum of Kolkata’s presiding deity Ma Kali, since 1952.
But the wise archbishop killed Mother’s enthusiasm considering it a folly stating it as inopportune proposal and refused to accompany Mother Teresa.
Two years ago (2008) in a conversation with me, the aging church leader recalled the ensuing bloodshed and said with certain regret: “How I could have changed the course of India’s history, if I had then heeded to Mother Teresa!”
All is not lost… still wisdom can prevail, if men and women of good will from both warring factions agree to spread love and compassion from a newly constructed facility on that disputed spot, call it what you may. Why not call it the Ram-Babri-Teresa Temple!

NB: See how Haindava Keralam has misquoted and distorted my writing to promote their agenda….

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14 responses to “No deity will preside on that damned, disputed and desecrated land

  1. Zach T. V.

    Mother Teresa’s proposal is still valid…what about making it reach further among our Muslim and Hindu friends?

  2. Peter Salew

    As you rightly mentioned in the article, “not all is lost”, it is also my ardent desire that the disputed area may be solved with a human touch. Since our Union Railway minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has introduced a new train called “Mother Express” in commemoration of Mother Teresa’s birth centenary, why not convert the so called blood soaked and disputed land into one of the best and cleanest railway junctions in India named after Mother Teresa, and to be known as ” Mother Station”. Long live Mother Teresa, Long live Ayodhya!!!

  3. Harry

    So you want to snatch the holiest of holy sites from Hindus. You vultures will never rest satisfied unless you can make the whole world follow your cult of death. And please read more about the holy mother and the millions she gathered which never was used for the poor. How dare you call the holy birth site of a hero who preceded your death cult by several thousand years, a “cursed land”. What is cursed is your death cult and the kind of destruction and desolation it has caused to the world. So please button up or open your mouth only to wash it with Lifebuoy soap.

    • C.M. Paul

      I am reminded of kabiguru TAGORE who wrote a story on a king who made the most beautiful temple to honour his god and invited the entire kingdom for its inagugration… Only ONE sadhu in his kingdom refused to participate at the solemn dedication puja…
      The angry king send his soldiers to compel the sadhu to attend the auspicious ocassion…. The soldiers were aghast to see the sadhu living with the homeless poor who camped out in the open as they were displaced from their homsteads by the kings order to build the beautiful temple!
      The sadhu told the soldeirs to tell the king that “god does not live in that temple – sign of tears, curse and oppression of the poor, in stead the deity has made his/her abode with the suffeirng masses!”

      • Harry

        Irrelevant story! What was never yours can never be yours either. So also ASD Paladka’s story.

        Anyway Rama in His infinite compassion and wisdom would not hesitate to forgive you even if you do not follow the path of Dharma and call His birthplace cursed. Only, you will unfortunately have to go through your Karma.

  4. jaihind

    how opportunistic? its like the fox thats trying to get some scraps when the lion and tiger are fighting…

  5. R

    Funny pipe dreams of child molesters…don’t you’ll have enough troubles of your own. Please take care of that.

  6. ASD Paladka

    Once upon 2.77 acres of land, people discovered God. Some of the people called Him Rama. Some called Him Allah. God smiled at them all, because only He knew that He was in every name, and that He was beyond names.
    Sometimes God tried to explain this to the people, but they could not understand. He tried to tell them through the leaves of trees, and through the songs of birds. He planted His truth in the eyes of every child, and he waited for the people to see it. But they would not look, and so they did not see.
    The people, however, did love God. They were fascinated by Him. They adored and feared Him, and they chose beautiful ways to worship Him. They did not all choose the same way, of course, because God had long ago breathed into each of these people the gifts of self-expression and choice. So some of the people heard a hymn to God in the striking of a bell, and some heard it in the voice of a man calling them to prayer.
    God heard them both. But in time, another sound started to drown out the hymns He loved. It was the sound of the people, quarrelling amongst themselves as to whose god God was.
    God bowed His head and wept. And the people looked up and said, “Ah, rain.”
    For a time, they were distracted, and they began to speak of weather and soil and geography. But inevitably, they returned to their arguing. And this time they quarrelled about whose land God’s land was.
    “Mine,” said God, whispering the word through the rustle of leaves. But the people could not hear the word over the noise of their angers and their fears.
    “Yours,” said God, scattering the word through the songs of birds. But the people were too busy gathering evidence to spare any time to find the word.
    “Ours,” said God, shining the word through the eyes of children. But the people kept their eyes fixed, burning with hate, upon each other, and did not notice the word.
    Besides, the people had found a new word, a word that felt powerful and reassuring. It was not a word that was as powerful and reassuring as God Himself, but it felt real and solid. It could be touched and prodded and probed, taken apart and put back together.
    “Proof!” all the people cried, in a brief moment of unity. “Proof is what we need!”
    And God wondered when proof had replaced Him. Faith was all He had hoped for, and all His gifts had been gifts of love. Proof had never been one of them.
    Nobody knows the exact day when He walked quietly away from those 2.77 acres of land, and nobody said goodbye, because nobody noticed He had left.

  7. Parul Dubey

    This suggestion is still valid and we can move ahead if both the communities allow. It can be a gift to Mother Teressa & God given by our country people that will long last the message of peace and harmony in the whole world forever & ever & ever…..

  8. Asha

    looks like Mr.Harry is the son of a b**** Karsevak (yes…it is synonymous with any bad word I can ever think of….)… One question to you sir… would you move out of your house if some one claimed that there was a monastery there a 20 centuries ago?The same applies for Ayodhya. It fairly belongs to the Muslims as the Masjid there was not something made up of ASI reports or flase evidences.
    I am also shocked with the way you talked about Mother Teresa. Please tell me which book (an authentic one..) has the article of her piling up money for herself.I am sure it must have been again written by a **** karsevak who were responsible for distributing pamplets to spread hatred against Muslims.
    Again, Rama even in his “infinite compassion” is not going to forgive you and your ancestors for reversing the whole definition of Hinduism.

  9. Shak Paneer

    You see if this was the birthplace of Jesus they would not be so liberal, and would they allow it to be called Jesus – Babri – Ram Church? This is the sacred birth place of Lord Rama even from a historical perspective Lord Rama’s temple should be re-instated what to speak of India’s Spiritual heritage. The Babri will only serve to remind all Hindu’s of the injustice and intolerance and desecration the muslims inflicted on Lords Rama’s birth place. India has a right to re-instate its own spiritual heritage. Next to the re-instated Rama Temple there should be a small hospital and some free services for the poor that serves all regardless of race or creed. India has its own saints we no longer need to be overshadowed by the saints of other countries.

  10. Dr. K.P. Paulson

    pls chk the link, to see how the Sangh Parivar members use fraud and trickery, even on politicians, to garner support for the Ram Temple on that damned, disputed and disgraced land!

  11. Shak Paneer

    The only disgrace is the way humans behave, the land is not disgraced it has never changed, land is always humble and willing to serve mankind. But this is India and it is the birth place of Lord Rama. Hong Kong was returned by the British to China because it was leased, Ram Jamna Bhumi was stolen and desecrated now it is time forgive and forget but it is also time to restore it back to its rightful heritage. Just like India was stolen by the British and through passive non-violence India was restored back to home rule. But we do not need to name it Babri anything and we do not need Christians dictating the terms. India won home rule back in 1947, it is time we stopped being a bunch of week kneed Hindus and started ruling our own country.
    Jai Hindustan!

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