US Catholic League Sends Crib Sets to 50 U.S. Governors


Holy Nativity Scene sent to 50 U.S. Governors.

ROME (C.M. Paul) — In a bid to promote the celebration of Christmas in the United States and counter anti-Christmas atheist propaganda, the U.S. Catholic League president Bill Donohue has sent out the Holy Family Nativity Scene to the U.S. Governors as part of the Catholic League’s Christmas project for 2010.
“We do not have to resort to negative advertising to get our point across, and that is why we raised the money last month to launch a Christmas campaign to have the nativity scene mailed the nation’s 50 governors,” said Mr. Donohue as the League’s response to atheists’ efforts to belittle Christmas as myth.
“It is our sincere hope that it [the crèche] will be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda alongside secular symbols (e.g., a Christmas tree) this coming Christmas season,” wrote Donohue in his letter accompanying the gift.
Explaining the act to be entirely legal, he added “we are paying for it because we believe it would be inappropriate to use public monies to pay for religious symbols. But we also believe, consistent with [U.S.] Supreme Court rulings, that there is no constitutional prohibition banning privately-funded crèches from being displayed alongside secular symbols.”
In conclusion Donohue wrote “In the December edition of our monthly journal, Catalyst, we are publishing the names of the 50 chiefs of staff [click here]; this way our members can contact them if they do not see a manger scene in the Capitol Rotunda.”
William A. Donohue born in Manhattan, New York (1947) was professor at La Roche College in McCandless, Pennsylvania. In 1980 he received doctorate in Sociology from New York University. While Donohue was in college in New York, Fr. Virgil C. Blum, a Jesuit at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded the Catholic League to counter Anti-Catholicism in American culture. Blum died in 1990, and in 1993, Donohue became the director of the organization. Under his direction, the organization has become far more prominent and vocal.



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