Hindu Rashtra Sena Attack Carol Singers

Dhananjay Desai of Hindu Rashtra Sena

WORLI SEAFACE, Mumbai – In the evening (18 December, 2010) around 25 members of the New Life Church youth group were singing carols, ushering the Christmas spirit of joy, love & peace, which was enjoyed by hundreds of onlookers. Suddenly, one Dhananjay Desai in a Scorpio jeep allegedly called out to one of the male revellers and told him – “These Christians are giving you money for doing this and we can give you and more, if you join us”. To which, the youth replied, he would not forsake Jesus for money and was happy with the group.
Dhananjay Desai then made a couple of calls and 3 cars rushed to the spot with miscreants, who broke into the youth group and beat them up mercilessly, tearing up their clothes. Even women were not spared. After severe beating  athe Christian youth were taken to the Worli Police Station on Annie Beasant Road. There, the culprits (attackers) told the police that a mob of Hindus offended by the youth carol singing had beaten them up. The police instead of assisting the victims, refused to entertain or help those beaten up
Finally, when the issue was taken up with Maharashtra Minorities Commission chairman Dr. Abraham Mathai, the police relented.
However they let off the culprits with a mere warning. Even as this was happening, the culprits warned the victims of dire consequences if they persisted in holding Christian programmes publicly and left jeering and scoffing at he Christians.
This is the third attack on the New Life Church in the area that has about a thousand members. The church leaders made it clear and pointed out to the police that they did not believe in speaking ill of any faith, nor did they have any objectionable material. The Christians were compelled to forgive the culprits and leave after a prosecution trial of almost 4 hours at the hands of not just the law-breakers, but also before the guardians of the law.
In the above videos, Dhananjay Desai openly claims his organisation to be a fascist and fundamental Hindu outfit. He goes further calling Muslims & Christians anti-national and terrorists, including hitting out at Christian Missionaries… He is prepared to go to any extent, including use of violence to make India a Hindu nation – Hindu Rashtra.



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3 responses to “Hindu Rashtra Sena Attack Carol Singers

  1. PAUL

    Christmas is ,in fact, celebrated by all . When a child is born, everyone is happy as the child or that event has no religion or caste. It’s only a Herod who can get upset by some baby’s birth. We shall only pray for those fanatics. Unfortunately , the trend is spreading even in Kerala ,the God’s Own Country of 100% literacy. I copy a letter I received from one of the brothers who had been working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, and now doing the tremendous charitable works near Trivandrum.
    Dear friend,
    I want to give the good news as well us bad news. After a long years of waiting and prayer finally the construction work of our home for the children started. But suddenly a group of Hindu fundamentalist called RSS (Around 100 young men) arrived on the spot and asked me to stop the construction works. They told me that you can not build anything on this place since you are a Christian and in this area there are no Christians and we Hindus do not want any Christian presence in this area. So it is better that you sell this land and go to any other place if you build any thing in this land we will attack and destroy. In the future we will not allow you to run any institutions in this land and so it is better you do not invest your money and it is better that you sell this land and go away to some other place. They destroyed some of our works and went away. It was done on a holiday and so no workers were present and so there was no physical struggle between us.
    First I thought of informing the police and taking their help but later on I realized that it will create more violent attack and physical struggle in the future. So I am trying to negotiate with them. They fear that the home turn to be a church in the future and then conversion to Christianity will take place so they do not want to be a risk and wanted to have any Christian activities in their Hindu dominated area. Some one spread the rumor that my ultimate aim is to build a church in the land. In order to avoid communal harmony the Government does not given permission to build new churches, Mosque or Temples in Kerala.
    I went to the leader of the group and explained my intention and plan and he under stood my genuine intention and some of the prejudice were removed. Finally the leader said that he will have to discuss the matter with his followers and let me know their final decision soon. And I am waiting for their final decision. They said that conversion to Christianity take place through the works of charity and so they have decided to stop all the Christian charity works, it is their ideology. I said Mother Teresa lived in this land more than 70 years and she never converted any one to Christianity and I too worked with mother for more than 20 years and I too never converted any one. The children who are with me; majority of them are Hindus and I never converted them to Christianity. The leader understood me and said that he will discuss the matter once again with his counter parts and let me know.
    Today the local leader called me and said that as a policy they will not allow any construction works, it has been a direction form the district level leaders and so he can not do anything and I requested the contact number of the higher leaders and I will make an appointment with them and will explain my intentions. And I hope I will be able to remove some of their misunderstanding. And hope to start the constructions with every body’s support. With out local support I can not proceed with the constructions.
    It was suggested that I should not start the constructions until the local Panachayath election to get over by next month. The political parties will not come with their support during this time since the issue is very sensitive and BJP will gain from it because they are depend on the majority Hindus. The political parties does not want to loose their vote bank at this stage, since the election is very close.
    Mean time I request you to pray for me and for the children.
    With love and prayers

    • C.M. Paul

      Star of Bethlehem – guided the wisemen and women.
      Angels – announced the news to shepherds, and Joseph.
      Angels also sang…
      Wisemen – worshipped the poor babe and gave kingly gifts.
      Herod – with the pretext of worshipping wanted to kill the babe
      (since he couldn’t – he killed hundreds of children)
      Animals in the grotto provided warmth.
      Inn-keeper – made provisional arrangement for Mary in labour.
      Shepherds went over to give immediate assistance…
      Christians – celebrate Christmas by sharing joy, gifts and charity…
      (some Christians also revel).
      BOTTOM LINE: It all depends what we want to do… on whose side are we!

      • isha

        this is a very funny article against a True Hindu Activist group. HRS is not a fascist , but their fundamentals are very clear. why don’y you have open discussion with them? just dare to talk to them once. I am sure you will return to Hinduism!

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