Govt. Official Threatens Homeless Orissa Christians


Official threatens Christian rebuilding home

BELADADI, Orissa — The five Christian families of Beladadi of Koenjhar GP (Tikabali block) have yet another new story to narrate about brute behaviour of state officials.
On 25 Dec 2010, the local BDO visited their village apparently to enquire regarding peace and security of Christians. He abused the five families for rebuilding their houses close to the ruins of their former houses.
He shouted at them “I will kick you out from here; the Hindus will cut you to pieces and throw you and then you will know. Who told you to build your houses here?”
When people explained to that it was he himself who brought them from relief camp and left them there, that no other alternative land was allotted to them, that they have been living there for two generations. That one of the families has been given compensation for partial damage only – that he cannot build a house elsewhere other than rebuild his old house… The BDO further shouted at them to immediately go away from there and abused them and went away.
Brother Advocate Marcus, who has been working in the area for almost one year took the initiative to settle the victims three months back when they were still languishing in relocated camp, abandoned by the government after two and half years of (miss)  management.
Brother Marcus took one of the villagers on 26th Dec to the BDO at Bodimunda village (where the BDO was to be present for another matter) tried to discusses with the BDO. But the BDO was adamant that the villagers must go away from there and the houses under construction will be pulled down and razed.
(The only mobile phone number of the village is of Mintu, a college student… mobile network does not reach the village. When Mintu is out of village and in range he can be contacted on his cell:9438448569).



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