AICC Mourns Punjab Governor Taseer’s Assassination – He was a rare voice of sanity in Pakistan

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer

NEW DELHI – The Christian community in India is shocked at the assassination of  Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, one of the few sane voices in Pakistan, by his crazed bodyguard. Mr. Taseer’s  life long opposition to the black laws of blasphemy in Pakistan, used largely to target vulnerable Christian and other religious minorities, stands out in the midst of the fundamentalist cacophony that has smitten human rights in that country. We mourn Mr Taseer’s death and convey our condolences to his family and to all Human Rights defenders in Pakistan.
The anti blasphemy laws must go. At present, a young mother, Asia Bibi is facing the death penalty. In the past, several young men have been similarly sentenced. The All India Christian Council has consistently raised its voice against the anti-blasphemy laws at various Asian and other international forums.  We urge the United States and other international friends of Pakistan and their civil societies to join Pakistan’s human rights defenders in creating a powerful advocacy movement against such laws.
Dr. John Dayal, Secretary General
All India Christian Council, New Delhi, India
5th January 2011


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