World Advisory Council for Salesian Social Communications Meet in Rome


Consulta Secretary Julian Fox

ROME , (C.M. Paul) – Over 30 Salesians of Don Bosco media experts are scheduled to meet at the Don Bosco World Headquarters on Via della Pisana, Rome, 25 to 27 January 2011. Representing Don Bosco presences in over 130 countries and all the continents, the advisory body for Social Communication in the Salesian congregation, is expected to assist the Department of Social Communications.
The World Council consists of a team of experts in various media fields such as training, information, production, and marketing. The advisory body, will make assessment, help in study and research, as well as provide guidance for the constant updating of media Ministry of the members and affiliates of the worldwide Salesian congregation, says department secretary Fr Julian Fox.
This on-going World Council was set in motion by former General Councilor for Social Communications Fr Antonio Martinelli SDB, in June 1991. None of the founding Consulta members (Martinelli, Garulo, DeVanna, Egan, Hurley and Paul) are participating, in this 20th year meet.
The last World Advisory Council for Salesian Social Communications was held two years ago in Madrid. It met at the former Salesian Institute of Theology in Carabanchel district, 23-25 February and had 18 experts ranging in age from 43 to 86 years. Unlike the last Consulta, the Salesian Africa region is represented by two new members.
Today the Salesians manage over 20 university centres which have specialised courses in Communication Studies, 48 publishing houses, 55 graphic art centres, 22 audiovisual production centres, 88 book-shops, 32 radio and 11 television stations. There are about 450 Salesians engaged in this area together with 2,500 lay professionals and technicians.


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