First Don Bosco Flash Film in Malayalam, Available for dubbing

A still from "Don Bosco" Flash Film in Malayalam

KOCHI (C.M. Paul) – The fledgling Don Bosco IMAGE (Institute of Media, Graphic Arts and Effects) has produced a 25 minute flash presentation on Don Bosco, the fascinating life a great educator and friend of youth. Currently available in Malayalam and English languages, the film has very colourful visuals and an excellent narration. It will premiere at Kochi and Agartala on 31 January 2011, marking the death anniversary of Don Bosco (31 January 1888).
Based on a classic picture book life of legendary St John Bosco of Valdocco, Turin, (Italy) the animation film is offered for dubbing in various languages. This is an ideal production to tell people in a very captivating way, both for children and adults, the adventurous life of the man and his times. It is also an ideal tool to prepare young people, especially students in Don Bosco institutions for the St John Bosco Relics arriving for the very first time in India and travelling the length and breadth of the country between May-November 2011.
You may view the film with this link
and send your comments to

Jiji Kalavanal SDB

Those interested in having the video without the Malayalam audio can contact Fr. Jiji Kalavanal, DB Image using above email id. For more information’s visit or call  +91 9947087834 (Kochi, Kerala, India)
Don Bosco IMAGE, started on Don Bosco’s birth day 16 August (2010) is media and animation institute of the Salesians of Don Bosco Bangalore province. It has an unmatched ultra modern HD (High Definition) Theatre with full HD Projection and Audio System. The fully air conditioned theatre has 71 gallery-style executive seat capacity.  Well designed and LED-lit, it has the standard of multiplex theatres in metro cities. Situated on the NH Bypass at Vennala, the centre is easily accessible and has an extensive parking area.
This theatre is the first of its kind in Ernakulam, and is also hired for conferences, product launch events, workshops, training programme, company presentations, film & audio visual previews.
For details pls visit:



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11 responses to “First Don Bosco Flash Film in Malayalam, Available for dubbing

  1. J. Pulinthanath

    I consider it a good film. You will be surprised but we are half way through the Kokborok dubbing of the flash film and the Bengali version about to begin as soon as KB is through, hopefully in two days time.
    We have half a mind of doing the NE India languages ourselves. Now that we have the English already done, the work has become quite easy.
    Besides, Kokborok and Bengali, I am thinking of Khasi, Garo, Boro, Karbi, Assamese, Mizo, Nishi, Nagamese (or one or two Naga tribes like Angami or Konyak), and Mising,
    It is quite simple for us right now since the video is already ready for dubbing in our edit system. All we need to do is get the audio recorded. Perhaps we need to go to these places for a day each and get it recorded.
    Of course, some money is what stands between us and the work right now.

  2. Umberto DeVanna

    Caro Paul, grazie, molto bello. Le immagini sono di Nino Musio, nostro collaboratore da sempre. Non è un salesiano.
    Mi sembra un piccolo capolavoro.
    Lo faccio vedere qui ai miei confratelli, poi vedremo.
    Elledici – Francia 214 – 10098 Cascine Vica – Rivoli TO
    011.9552322 – 011.9552111 – 3356719201

  3. C. M. Paul

    The DB flash film has already been submitted to the 26th International Catholic Film Festival, Warsaw under the animation film category!
    We never know, India could be getting some solid outsourcing jobs for animation for catechesis and evangelization!
    Why not think of the film being dubbed into at least 30 Indian languages
    It could be a major project to have a brief and interesting life of Don Bosco in preparation for his Relics Tour in India (May to November 2011).
    The film could also be shown in vernacular TV channels… as a short publicity in prep for the DB Relics Tour…
    Use of the film for vocation promotion is another great potential…
    We could also enter into the LIMCA Book of Records with this flash film project.
    No other, country has thought about, nor done such a major project…
    Let’s give a go at it… chak de India!

  4. J. Pulinthanath

    We are on to dubbing the DB Flash Film full swing. The translation of the script in 12 languages is going on. The languages are Kokborok, Bengali, Mising, Khasi, Garo, Bodo, Tiwa, Dimasa, Reang, Karbi, Assamese and Mizo. We are looking forward to some more languages for the dubbing project from Arunachal, Nagaland and Manipur.

  5. Cyriac SDB

    12 more languages from Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal.
    TOTAL: 26 languages between Guwahati and Dimapur provinces.
    I am delighted by the idea of dubbing DBFF for Manipur and Nagaland. I have told PJ that we can do the dubbing in the following languages:Angamai, Ao, Lotha, Sema, Rongmei, Mao, Maram, Nagamese. We could also think of Arunachalee languages (dialects): Nyishi, Apatani, Galo and Adi.
    Director, DBYC, Itanagar.

  6. Stephen Mavely

    I have gone through it – it is an excellent medium to project Don Bosco and his vision in an attractive style. If you can get it translated into ASSAMESE, I could find the person to do the voice-over and meet the expenses in this connection… Assam Don Bosco University

  7. V. M. Thomas Vattathara

    This is a brilliant idea… one of the biggest Salesian ideas in MEDIA for the past several decades… CONGRATULATIONS… I would like to sponsor two language productions: Bodo and Santhali.

  8. Sebastian Kol

    This is a fantastic idea. I have contaced my team in Tanzania about the possibility of dubbing the film into SWAHILI language.

  9. C.M. Paul

    In less than two days we have 30 languages signed up for dubbing the first ever, 25 minute Flash Film on Don Bosco, released 31st January 2011 simultaneously at Agartala and Kochi.
    Yes, this is “The Hand of Don Bosco.”
    What we are seeing is a very major new and unprecedented trend in Salesian India. It has never happened before… Normally, these things like film making etc… are debated and deliberated, and decided by provincials and their delegates and the National Commissions after several round of meetings.
    In stead here we have a best practice of CITIZEN JOURNALISM driven by that passion for DB where power is grabbed by ordinary confrere in a spontaneous show of affection …. to let DB be known to the people whom DB will visit in May-November 2011. The idea is… where ever Don Bosco visits, his life should be told in the local language as a preparation for the people to know him

    • Fabio Attard

      Well done Paul! Well done everybody who is involved in this project! A great response to a marvellous invitation! Fr. FABIO ATTARD SDB

  10. Augusty, Kalimpong

    Congrats Jiji… It would be good to dub it in Nepali also.

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