First Ever Film on “The Hand of Don Bosco” Planned in India

DB statue in front of his Youth centre in Valdoco, Turin.

AGARTALA (C.M. Paul) – The Salesians of northeast India  provinces  (Guwahati and Dimapur) have come up with an ambitious project in preparation for the Don Bosco Relics India Tour scheduled for May-November 2011. While director of Don Bosco Youth Centre Itanagar (Arunachal) Fr Cyriac of Dimapur province came up with the concept, Fr. Joseph Pulinthanath of Guwahati province worked on it.  The casket containing Don Bosco Relics starts its India tour from Dimapur province, 1 May 2011.
“Besides dubbing the 25 minute first ever Don Bosco Flash Film into 30 languages of northeast India (as of 8 Feb 2011) we are now venturing into another relic-related ‘ambitious’ idea,” says 2010 National Film Award winner director Fr Joseph Pulinthanath of Agartala (Tripura).

“I am making a docu-meditation on “the Hand of Don Bosco,” says Guwahati province priest film director of award winning Kokborok feature films Mathia and Yarwng.
Commenting on the relic of DB’s right hand encased in the casket going around the world, Pulinthanath asks, “Why not make a film on the HAND of DB – what it did during his lifetime and what the hand of DB through the hands of his Salesians continue to do in the world, particularly in this part of India… Blessing, praying, caring, healing, working, building, comforting, supporting etc.”

Joseph Pulinthanath SDB

As the concept and script is being finalized, Pulinthanath is involving cine professionals into the making of the never before attempted film meditation.
He plans to solicit collaboration from other provinces, for specific visuals and footage for the film project and dubbing in vernacular languages.
Sponsors and partners for this project are welcome to contact Fr Joseph Pulinthanath SDB at or call +91.9436126649



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22 responses to “First Ever Film on “The Hand of Don Bosco” Planned in India

  1. Lowe Glenford

    Congratulations for the work… may Don Bosco continue to inspire our young people.

  2. Joseph Pulinthanath

    It is NOT a feature film. It is NOT a docufilm with footage collected from the visit of DB’s relics.
    What I thought… it could be is a mediation where the hand of Don Bosco (the physical hand) serves a as a starting point for a reflection on what that HAND has done (in his lifetime) and continues to do (NOW) in his own place (Italy) and elsewhere (all over the world).
    So some shots/scenes from the actual life story of DB would be there as link-makers in the mind of the viewer and suggesting the various Salesian activities of the present day have their inspiration and root in what DB did at a particular time and place. In fact they are a continuation and point to the truth that the HAND of DB is still active in the world.
    Beyond or beneath the unimportant differences of time and space-bound peculiarities of our works, there is perhaps the essence of DB’s contribution. The challenge is to capture it with pictures. With the ‘hand’ relic coming around, there might even be some relevance in it.

    • Maria Arokiam

      The idea itself is good and it can lend itself to saying almost anything connected with Don Bosco and his works in the world by his family. We need not highlight too much though that it is just the hand piece that is coming around. In fact it is placed in a wax model of the body of Don Bosco lying in state in the urn or casket. Hence it is meant to be seen as the body of Don Bosco, even if there no intent in pretending that the whole body is there inside. Nevertheless the idea is interesting as a title for a film to present him and the works of his sons and daughters. Fr. Zuffetti’s missioni Don Bosco already have tons of films on the works of Don Bosco all over the world. Even that could be made use of, with his consent.

  3. Sounds like a very good idea. All the best.

  4. Congratulations, Joseph, for this original idea!
    The ‘Hand of Don Bosco’, a vibrant metaphor of God’s love to the young:
    to touch, share, heal,
    hold, caress, console,
    bless, uplift, support,
    encourage, forgive,
    work, write, teach,
    plant, grow, lead,
    guide, save, unite,
    create new life!
    Wish you the very best for the project.

  5. V.M. Thomas Vattathara

    Great idea … may the hand of Don Bosco like the hand of GOD be at work for all of us as we are engaged in his mission. It’s an interesting coincidence of the film ‘HAND OF GOD.” By the way, is the film going to be altogether new? It should reflect the impact on cultures, people’s levels of education, empowerment, and social and economic growth.

  6. Biju Michael

    It is a fantastic project. I am sure with PJ’s creativity it will come out well. It is also very encouraging to know that we (Indians) are beginning to provide new initiatives.
    On a caution side, I think we should be careful on the “superlative” language we use when we say “one and only”, “original project” etc (typical of the media that like to always speak of “exclusive interviews” etc.).
    We can and ought to use them only when it is all so in reality.
    We cannot overstep tolerance levels with regard to copyrights and collaborations of others when we make such claims.
    Bottom line: Focus ought to be what we achieve with the media and not the media itself! It is a means.
    I really hope this project will take wings soon. The timing is really good.
    Let me know if I can help any way.

  7. Shyamal Baran Roy

    Great idea to do a film on DB, though I’m not very sure that this is the first such attempt. I think a good idea would be to concentrate how the work of DB continues to transform young lives not only materially, but also spiritually. The film may also look at the relevance of DB’s life and work for India.

  8. Sister Brittany

    Dear Salesian Brothers,
    What a brilliant idea this film is! It brought to mind this quote by Henri Nouwen:
    “When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.”
    — Henri J.M. Nouwen (The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey)

    I wonder if perhaps we could include Scriptures woven throughout the meditation that speak of Jesus laying his hands on people, touching people and his disciples doing the same… to illustrate that it is the call of every Baptized person to be the hands of Jesus…. so that we do not merely stop at Don Bosco but draw people to the message of Christ through the life of Don Bosco.

    I was recently involved in a project at one of our high schools here in the USA where the young people themed their Don Bosco feast day as “Be the Hands and Feet!” The young were very aware that now that they knew Don Bosco they had to bring his spirit to others and lead their peers to Christ.

    Here are some links that might be helpful, although they are from a different theological perspective:

    Best of luck with your “weaving”. I almost see a film that gives the viewer the perspective of a “bird in flight”, as in there is constant gentle movement and weaving of images and Scriptures…. finally ending with the image of a young person reaching its hand out…. just the hand…. where the image goes still and you see something like “And he laid hands on them and healed them” from Scripture.

  9. Dear Joseph,
    congratulations for the idea, for the energy and will to involve many!
    Actually from the first beginning the right ‘hand’ of Don Bosco, which
    was blessing, consoling, reaching out to many, which is now around the world in the relic-casket, is a not-yet fully explored original idea.
    Praying for you and for all who will contribute to the project
    to get Don Bosco more known around India.
    From Bangui, Central African Republic
    Vaclav Klement

  10. This is absolutely exciting! Hurrah to everyone who was engaged. I think his is a significant opportunity to stimulate the religious imagination in the 21st century. Congratulations to your creative and imagination! SAAZ

  11. Duoc Le

    Other suggestions?
    1. Don Bosco in India
    2. Don Bosco Among Us (overused)
    3. Don Bosco Visits His Children
    4. Touched By Don Bosco
    5. Don Bosco’s Touch
    6. Celebrating with Don Bosco
    7. Holy Relics of Don Bosco

    Just adding to the responses.


  12. P.J.

    Can you name some very prominent and famous Don Bosco Alumni that could give a byte for the ‘DB Hand’ film. I am thinking of Ravi Shastri, Viswanathan Anand, Anand and Vijay Amritaraj, Purna Sangma, Bollywood’s Sahshi Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. Others ?

  13. C.M. Paul

    I would include the entire Salesian Family in this continuing work of DB… Go for powerful testimonies from ORDINARY beneficiaries of “The Hand of Don Bosco”. Child in the street that found a home, village boy who got chance to attend school or continue education, or a girl who got chance for adult literacy and skills training, headman proud his village is blessed by SDB presence, school dropout’s father grateful his ward has vocational training, MoRD project beneficiary boy / girl testimony… farmer grateful for watershed management, widow thankful for timely SHG help. SHORT, PITHY, human interest bytes…. (not more than ONE minute each)

    • Debasis Seth

      May “The Hand” bless us all . It will be in what format ? I’am eager to contribute in the making(technically, et all) as a past pupil of DBL.

  14. Ivan Fernandes

    Mission-wise all that a Salesian does has its roots in the Don Bosco charism. A Salesian does what he does because he believes that if Don Bosco were alive today he would have done the same in “this” particular given context. Most Salesians do the congregation’s formal institutional work such as running schools, vocational institutes, the youth ministry. Yet there are some Salesians who feel called within their spirituality to do different things or rather, do things differently—the out of the ordinary work. Why not tell us about these Salesians and their endeavors that otherwise do not get much publicity or people don’t know much about.

  15. John Angel

    Comgratulations to all those who are behind this project. May it reach to the targeted …….. God bless you

  16. Thanks for your hard work in bringing this SHORT “film”. It is easy for ANY AUDIENCE to see — as it is short, entertaining and informative. It leaves behind a “photographic” memory on all who see it. IT IS ALSO SEEMINGLY EASY TO DUB IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES (e.g in our small country of Nepal there are over two dozen spoken languages — so immense possiblities !!). We have Don Bosco “Fathers” and “Salesian” Sisters working in eastern Nepal and also in the capital city of Kathmandu. Not only Hindu and Buddhists — but Catholics and other Christians also — who do not know the inspiring facts relayed in this “film”. Congratulations for pioneering this important media venture.

  17. C.M. Paul

    Thanks to the northeast India Salesian provincials (Guwahati and Dimapur) for their solid backing of the “Hand of Don Bosco” film project. Rightly, Don Bosco Relics Tour starts from the province of the rising sun on the Indian subcontinent – Dimapur, from 1st May 2011..

  18. This will be a great catechetical tool for the visit of DB’s Relic. Wonderful idea. I agree that you feature the ordinary, as DB’s hand worked ordinary duties in his time. Though, the magnitude and depth of his works were beyond ordinary–he did them extraordinarily well! I suggest, include interviews from the Salesians Family worldwide. I pray for the success of this project. God bless!

    • Hai PJ this is something wonderful to think about. You have been always creative and I am sure during the visit of the relic of don Bosco to our province this venture is sure to bring a lot more reflection and prayer as well as renewal among the salesians and the Salesian family…
      Keep going… praying for you Jose ani

  19. Tapan Das

    The world today is certainly not the world of Don Bosco’s dreams. The picture that emerges is a state of moral decay. We suffer from fatty degeneration of conscience and an unchecked dissolution of values. What a transformation could be effected if we relearn the values which Don Bosco stood for! Humanity is crying aloud for moral leadership. Today, amidst difficult times and when a plethora of challenges are facing the youths, the enduring relevance of the great visionary, Don Bosco, cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the proposed film on Don Bosco, which would depict a saga of love, faith and hope, would be a source of inspiration to all, and to the youths in particular.

    Tapan Das

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