Dalit Christians Surrender Voter ID in protest of Govt of Apathy


Protest demand for Dalit rights in New Delhi

TUTICORIN – One thousand Dalit Christians will be surrender their voter’s identity cards on 21st February 2011 at Tutucorin, Tamilnadu.
They do not believe any more in promises of the government.
In a political statement matching the politicians during elections, the Dalits says,  “If the Supreme Court status is granted, Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims will vote for Congress in the next election, particularly in Tamilnadu during the forthcoming assembly election.”
On 24th Jan 2011, 2000 Dalit Christians in Tamil Nadu surrendered their voter’s identity cards to the District Collector, having lost hope in our democratic system and the present Govt.
The Dalit Christian and Dalit Muslims who have been consistently voting for the Congress, have become disappointed and disillusioned.  They feel that the Congress Government has let them down and betrayed their hopes.
All the political parties except BJP have expressed support and are in favour of granting Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in the SC status. Recently NACDOR (National Confederation of Dalit Organisations) gave the Prime Minister a memorandum, favouring this cause. Eminent Dalit Leaders Ms. Mayawathi, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan and others to support this view.
The National Scheduled Caste Commission and the National Minority commission have already given their positive recommendations, favouring of Scheduled Caste Status to the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims.
Justice Ranganath Misra Commission, the study done for National Minority Commission through Prof. Satish Deshpande and many other studies have conclusively proved that the Para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950, is a discrimination based on religion and hence an injustice, as it goes against Constitution articles 14, 15, 16 and 25; it must be deleted by appropriate means. All the Scheduled Caste People irrespective of religion, suffer the same deprivation, seclusion and disabilities, and they are socially and economically backward. Change of religion does not change the caste. Hence, Christians and Muslims of Scheduled Caste origin must be granted equal rights on par with other Scheduled Caste people, they demand.
The PIL (writ 180/2004) is in the Supreme Court for the last six years and the Government has been endlessly postponing to give the required reply to the Supreme Court.
Only the Christians and Muslims of Scheduled Caste origin have been deprived of the Scheduled Caste Status, granted to Scheduled caste people of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. We have sent letters to your honourable self many times, requesting you to persuade the Union Government to grant equal rights to the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims.



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One response to “Dalit Christians Surrender Voter ID in protest of Govt of Apathy

  1. manithamannan

    It’s a good step to congress government, getting vote with some promises after the victory not implementing that, this is a policy of congress. In tamilnadu only the minority votes is available, this to off congress in tamilnadu is nothing all tamilnadu congress politician should understand.

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