Hand of Don Bosco Leaves Miracle Trail

Homage to Don Bosco Relics

BANGKOK, (C.M. Paul) – There are unconfirmed reports that Don Bosco Relics Tour of Thailand 18 to 30 November 2010 left a trail of miracles. The life size casket with Don Bosco replica lying in state contains the relic of his right hand bone. Thousands of people who thronged to view the Relics were predominantly Buddhist people.
May I request anyone who has any information on these or other miracle claims connected to DB Relics Tour, to kindly furnish the details like name, place and testimonies, in the comments section below this article.
The first miracle claimed happened to a Buddhist mother who had her baby in coma for several days in the hospital. She prayed fervently touching the casket holding her handkerchief which she later placed under the child’s pillow who later showed signs of regaining consciousness.
Second miracle happened to a girl from Bangkok blind school. She awaited a scholarship for higher studies in the US. For a long time she needed it badly. She kept an entire night vigil alone with the casket praying for the grace which she received in the following days in the post.
Third miracle is far more strange, as well as a fight against superstition. It happened to a compulsive lottery player who was told to use the number of the mini-truck which carried DB Relics to get lucky at the lottery. As he thought the number associated with a dead person would bring him ill luck, he played the number in reverse and found to his utter dismay, the number on mini truck’s plate won the lottery!
The Asian tour of the Relics of Saint John Bosco continues to draw attention from both Christians and those from other religions in ITM province (Indonesia & East Timor) from 19 Feb to 7 March 2011.
The relics, currently on a five-continent tour, started its Asian leg in Seoul on 1 Nov. 2010 and will travel to 19 Salesian provinces in 17 East Asian countries before reaching South Asia, where it will spend one full year until Nov. 30, 2011.



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4 responses to “Hand of Don Bosco Leaves Miracle Trail

  1. Roberta Johnson

    Thank you Paul for this information about: HAND OF DON BOSCO LEAVES MIRACLE TRAIL IN THAILAND. Don Bosco was with us [in Canada] on 2 nights and 1 day. I know that people flocked to Maria Ausiliatrice Church and we heard rather of conversions [of heart]. The young people had a special evening vigil and finally, it was “too short-lived”!

  2. C.M. Paul

    Reports arriving from Venezuela narrate three outstanding happenings following the visit of Don Bosco Relics.

    First instance is of a 20 year old youth animator who composed a special dedication song with lyrics, “ Voy caminando hacia ti, te puedo sentir en cada (I am walking toward you).” Mr. Victor Manuel Da Silva, a DB Alumnus had the privilege of singing it for Don Bosco before a huge gathering amidst thunderous applause. On the following day (May 26), he met with a fatal car accident and died.

    The second incident is of a senior Salesian Sister who longed to see Don Bosco’s Relics. Sr Ines Molina got the chance to see the relics, went up to the casket and prayed to her heart’s content. Later narrating the experience, she said, Nunc dimitis domine, (Simeon’s canticle) You may let your servant go, now that my eyes have seen… After two days (June 10), she had a serene death.

    Third case is that of a diocesan parish priest of Dabajuro, Coro archdiocese. Fr Alejandro Cercano wanted Don Bosco Relics visit his parish, but could not convince the organizers to schedule a stop over. As his parish fell mid way between two cities where the relics were scheduled to stop for veneration, the parish priest gathered a massive crowd of parishioners and as the relics drove past his Church, seeing the crowds, the organizers made an unscheduled brief stop. The overjoyed parishioners gave Don Bosco a rousing welcome. DB’s visit was a huge surprise that people world remember it for a long time, so also the death of the parish priest after three days!

    [While many cultures consider these to be horrible tragedies, Venezuelan people believe it to be a special privilege – Don Bosco answering their prayers, explains Venezuelan Salesian priest Fr Caesar Oberto. Victor, Sr Ines, Fr Alejandro and Don Bosco are enjoying each other’s company!] Pls chk the link for details…

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  4. eddie

    Mr.Paul, These will not be qualified as miracles in the Catholic Church. The miracles of the Church are much more profound in nature and have an inexplicable aura. It generally takes years before the Church confirms a miracle. Please read about some of the real and approved miracles performed by God through Don Bosco, during his life and after his death. Yes, there may be many genuine miracles happening today, but are not reported or still under investigation.
    God Bless

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