Salesian University Rome Launches first On-Line MA Programme in Philosophy

Prof Jose Kuruvachira IND (centre) with Philosophy Faculty Secretary Prof. Joshtrom Kureethadom INH (left) and former dean Prof. Scaria Thututhiyil INN.

ROME,  (C.M. Paul)– The Philosophy Faculty at the Salesian University (UPS) Rome will soon launch its first one year on-line Masters programme in collaboration with Lateran University Rome and Accademia di Scienze Umane e Sociali (ASUS) based in Rome. The degree programme called “Mediazione Culturale e Religiosa (Cultural and Religious Mediation),” starts on 19 March 2011 with 25 candidates.
The 60 credit (European Union requirement) course will prepare Professionals to meet the cultural and religious challenges of today’s globalised society. Several professors of UPS and other Universities of Rome and elsewhere are involved in teaching and preparing the course material.
Besides some basic contact lessons on weekends, the entire course will depend on personal study with course materials supplied on-line. Though the medium of instruction now is in Italian, the course will be available in other major European languages. The not-for-profit course fees cost about Euro 2,500 and is payable in three installments.
While Prof Gaspare Mura of Lateran University is director of the programme Prof. Teresa Doni and Prof Jose Kuruvachira of UPS are coordinators.

Prof. Jose Kuruvachira, SDB
The Grand Chancellor of Salesian University (UPS) Rome, the Rector Major of the Salesians Pascual Chavez, promoted Prof. Jose Kuruvachira of Salesian College Dimapur, India, who joined UPS last year as visiting professor to the “aggiunto” (adjunct professor) status earlier in February 2011.
The Vice-Chancellor of UPS, Dr Carlo Nanni followed up the request of the UPS Philosophy Faculty Dean and UPS Assistant Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mauro Mantovani.
Prof. Kuruvachira (52 years) who started teaching philosophy from October 2010 at the UPS as “invitato” was promoted to “aggiunto,” (adjunct professor) taking into consideration his various publications and outstanding academic background.
Prof. Kuruvachira is specialized in Philosophy of Religion and History of Religions with emphasis on Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.
Author of 14 books (10 authored and 4 edited), Prof Kuruvachira who did his PhD in Philosophy from the Gregorian  Univeisty, Rome (2002) has three books on the right wing Hindutva Philosophy and its political agenda. He has four books on Salesian spirituality and three books on philosophy and cultures, and over 70 researched articles on philosophy, religious issues and cultures.



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2 responses to “Salesian University Rome Launches first On-Line MA Programme in Philosophy

  1. james devoy

    I was given to understand that the Salesian College Rome can
    accomadate guests visiting Rome. If so do you have an E Mail
    Icould contact most grateful for your time and trouble.
    James Devoy

  2. Hasina

    Congratulations for the On-Line Ma Programme in Philosophy organized by your University. It is a chance given to all people who cannot frequent regular classes to gain knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity offered to all. I wish it success.

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