“The HAND of DB” Film Plan

The 28 minute film is scheduled to be released on 1st May 2011, the first day of DB Relics Pilgrimage in India, at Imphal, capital of Manipur.

AGARTALA, 13 March,  (C.M. Paul) – The Salesians of northeast India provinces (Guwahati and Dimapur) have come up with an ambitious film project to mark Don Bosco Relics Pilgrimage (DBRP) India scheduled for May-November 2011. Besides, the SDB provinces of Dimapur and Guwahati, two other major institutions of Guwahati (DB Institute of Management & Bosco Reach-Out) have joined as co-producers of the docufilm entitled “The Hand of Don Bosco” (The Hand).

Commenting on the relic of Don Bosco’s right hand encased in the casket going around the world, Guwahati province priest film director of award winning Kokborok feature films Mathia and Yarwng, Fr Joseph Pulinthanath asks, “Why not mark this occasion with a film on the HAND of DB! – What it did during his lifetime and what the hand of DB through the hands of his Salesians continue to do in the world, particularly in this part of India… Blessing, praying, caring, healing, working, building, comforting, supporting etc.”

The 28 minute film is scheduled to be released on 1st May 2011, the first day of DBRP India, at Imphal, capital of Manipur.

“It is the town that perhaps best signifies today the Turin of yore-like youth situation of Northeast India,” ruminates the 2010 national film award winner and film director Fr Pulinthanath. His earlier film entitled Mist & Magic released on the occasion of Catholic Bishops Conference of India General Assembly in Guwahati last year, depicted the cultural extravaganza of the seven northeastern states.

Agartala (Tripura) based Fr Pulinthanath briefed the leadership of Salesian northeast India provinces (Guwhati and Dimapur) on the progress of the film project, 11 March.

Fr. V.M. Thomas, director of DB Institute of Management Studies that co-produces the work wants the film to underscore the special relationship the region has with the saint. “The name Don Bosco is etched indelibly on the psyche of the people of northeast. It has become part of their genes. The Hand film is a tribute to Don Bosco and to the people of Northeast India.”

Director of Bosco Reach-Out, Fr. Johnson Parackal, another co-producer of ‘The Hand’ said he extended support to the venture thinking of the miracles Don Bosco’s hand has “wrought in the lives of the people of Northeast by alleviating poverty and liberating the marginalized.”

Finding ‘The Hand’ an apt metaphor, he adds, “Although it is the heart that desires, it is the hand that reaches out to others in love and service.” He hoped the film would be a celebration of the “the marvels the Almighty has done” in this region through the hand of Don Bosco during these past almost 90 years, since 1922 when the first band of Salesians arrived.

‘In fact,’ letting out the story-line Pulinthanath says, “the hand of Don Bosco has not only played a vital role in ameliorating the problems of the region but has positively contributed towards the transformation of the region into a potential store-house of human resource and riches.”

“The Hand” technical crew from different parts of India is expected to reach Northeast on 26th March and the shoot is scheduled for 26 March to 6th April. The crew includes another award winning director and chief cameraman, Fr Jiji Kalavanal from the southern Indian state of Kerala. Director of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar, Fr. Cyriac Pulinthanthumalayil, is the production logistics coordinator of ‘The Hand’.

The post production works of ‘The Hand’ will begin soon after the shoot in the northeast, at Don BoscoIMAGE, a media production and training centre at Kochi.

For info on “The Hand” project contact Fr Joseph Pulinthanath:  jpulinsdb@gmail.com



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3 responses to ““The HAND of DB” Film Plan

  1. C.M. Paul

    It is amazing! From conception to execution, this project is receiving tremendous enthusiasm and good will… It has brought together DB fans from around the world… as far away as the US and the Philippines … from novices to FMA Sisters to DB Alumnus of religious beliefs other than DB’s have chipped in their ideas and promised support. This is the proof that DB’s HAND is still at work through his sons and daughters.
    Here is a link to the previous story on The HAND film project.

  2. Joseph Pulinthanath

    I have another ‘Storyline” in mind too. It concerns the ‘poor’ Don Bosco who as a little boy had to work like an adult to earn money to study. God willing, the ‘Hand film’ will be an occasion to right a wrong notion or two: about triumphalist narratives, self-glorification and superior viewpoints. For too long such accounts have done a disservice to DB especially in NE India.

  3. Tapan Das

    The world today is certainly not the world of Don Bosco’s dreams. The picture that emerges is a state of moral decay. We suffer from fatty degeneration of conscience and an unchecked dissolution of values. What a transformation could be effected if we relearn the values which Don Bosco stood for! Humanity is crying aloud for moral leadership. Today, amidst difficult times and when a plethora of challenges are facing the youths, the enduring relevance of the great visionary, Don Bosco, cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the proposed film on Don Bosco, which would depict a saga of love, faith and hope, would be a source of inspiration to all, and to the youths in particular.

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