Japan and The nuclear issue

Koodankulam NPP under construction

Open letter to the Prime Minister of India*
In the light of your statement in the parliament 14-03-2011 that Indian Nuclear Plants are safe and India  is  going to take all safety measures against Natural calamities and disasters, I am asking you the following questions.


1.     Do you mean to say that Japanese did not have such safety measures in all the affected 4 Japanese Nuclear Plants?
2.     What do you mean by taking safety measures in the future against such Natural Calamities?
3.     What do you mean by Natural Calamities as if you have a control over such Earth Quakes and Tsunami?
4.     Are you trying to fool all the Indians by making statements like this as if you can protect Koodamkulam Nuclear Plant, Kalppakkam Nuclear Plant and other proposed nuclear plants in the coast?
5.     How can you have control over natural Calamities like Tsunami and Earth Quakes when you do not have control over man made scams and disasters  like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth, Adarsh?
6.     What liability do you have if you cannot protect the people and India from such Scams, and Natural Calamities?
7.     What liability do you have on Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
8.     Will you be able to bring a new law to the Parliament when you and your cabinet are liable to the people of India against such Scams and Natural Disasters like Earth Quakes and Tsunami?
9.     If  you cannot be liable can you stop constructing such  dangerous Nuclear Plants in India, like Jaithapur?
*Thomas Kocherry, thomasksa@gmail.com , +91 9360645772,  14-03-2011


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